Teatime with Miss Liz Holds 4th Annual Celebration with Big Reunion

December 08 17:26 2023
Teatime with Miss Liz Holds 4th Annual Celebration with Big Reunion
Innovative humanitarian platform, Teatime with Miss Liz, announces plans for its 4th Annual Celebration, bringing together participants from all previous seasons.

Teatime with Miss Liz has grown to become a platform that brings out the best in people from all walks of life and the team led by the forward-thinking Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon is reiterating its commitment to empowering people worldwide as it holds its Reunion Teatime 4th Annual Celebration. The event will bring together participants from more than 67 countries who have been on Teatime and over 105 different topics.

Millions of people face challenges that sometimes prevent them from reaching their full potential. While some are able to overcome such obstacles, others are not particularly lucky. However, Teatime with Miss Liz is offering a platform for people to share ideas, network, and inspire, as substantiated by the upcoming reunion scheduled for December 21st from 7 pm to 9 pm EST. 

Teatime with Miss Liz is a humanitarian mission of barter and trade through collaborations bringing people together for opportunities and building impactful communities across the globe, using resources like writing, workshops, and podcast interviews. Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon, popularly known as Miss Liz, is an international speaker, author, and advocate for abuse, grief, mental health, peace, and humanity translating her passion into the Teatime with Miss Liz project. 

Over the years, Teatime with Miss Liz has featured professionals and creatives across industries, including New York bestsellers authors, writers, screenwriters, and artists. Children’s book authors, children’s services, organizations and movements, peace ambassadors and humanitarian aid groups, as well as Hollywood directors and producers, and even abuse survivors.  

Miss Liz has a mission to make a difference with the T-E-A Teaching Educational Awareness, offering a new perspective through storytelling and bringing awareness to different countries’ cultures and traditions. The unique podcast with homestyle is like going to grandma’s house and bringing good news with different blends and flavors. 

Reunion Teatime will feature live virtual entertainment by James Divine, Saxophone player and music teacher, and Nancy Soule, CruiseShip Entertainer, with a surprise by Rick Della Ratta of Jazz for Peace. All three have been teatime guests with Miss Liz, appearing in season four of the show. A special thanks goes to Adeniyi Adesina of Digital Concepts from Nigeria for the assistance of the annual video creation for Miss Liz reunion events. There will be video updates and greetings shared by teatime guests unable to attend due to prior engagements and family gatherings, giving an opportunity to all interested persons to be a part of the event.  

Reunion Teatime is a free event and can be viewed by subscribers of Miss Liz’s YouTube Channel. Individuals and organizations can also donate to the event as well as feature projects and events of Miss Liz T-E-A mission – https://www.misslizsteatime.com/donations.  

Miss Liz also takes every opportunity to appreciate her guests and their impact on staying connected and bringing a positive impact to the lives of all people in the world, with over 325 interviews in four years. 

To learn more about Reunion Teatime and other initiatives by Miss Liz, visit – https://www.misslizsteatime.com/.

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