American Dream Auto Protect, the Nation’s Top Auto Protection Company, Enhances the Vehicle Ownership and Protection Experience With Extended Auto Warranty

December 08 21:45 2023
Guarding pockets and boosting vehicle investment.

American Dream Auto Protect, the nation’s number one auto protection company, is serving up a reminder of the importance of an extended auto warranty, especially the often-forgotten used car warranty. With over a decade in the industry, the company has earned a reputation for excellence and trustworthiness. Driven by a commitment to customer satisfaction, American Dream Auto Protect offers the best protection plans at the most affordable cost.

Vehicle owners often question the necessity of the additional expense that comes with an extended car warranty, considering that new and pre-owned cars usually have some sort of warranty. Manufacturer’s warranties only cover the vehicle for a determined period or miles driven. Once that lapses, vehicle owners are left to incur the cost of repairs and maintenance. 

In most cases, people realize that their vehicles are not impervious to unexpected damage when it’s too late. The upkeep required to keep a car running smoothly can be quite expensive. Since there’s no way of predicting when certain components in a vehicle will go on a riot, car owners are left to spend upwards of a thousand dollars on a single repair.

With the unpredictability of vehicle damage in mind, having the protection of an extended auto warranty is crucial. Auto warranties shine in their ability to protect owners long after the manufacturer warranty and in ways that insurance policies don’t cover. With this type of extended warranty, vehicle ownership costs are significantly reduced, making it a breeze, but only if the coverage is secured in time.

Honoring customer satisfaction for over a decade, American Dream Auto Protect is recognized for its range of protection plans designed to cover automotive components, shielding car owners from expensive and unexpected repairs. The company has consistently upheld its mission of guarding car owners’ pockets and boosting their investments through industry-leading auto protection. Citing the many benefits of having an extended manufacturer warranty, including cost savings, peace of mind, convenience, and customization, the auto protection company urges car owners to invest in their protection. Cars are becoming more high-tech, repair costs are rising, and people are keeping their cars longer, so, more than ever, that extra coverage is needed.

“With an extended auto warranty, you’ll be covered if your mechanical parts stop running or your electrical components fail. That saves you money and time. Our service contracts are designed to provide fast service for covered issues, protecting your vehicle, budget, and time.”

Since its inception, American Dream Auto Protect has been setting industry standards with comprehensive auto protection plans that go beyond the traditional. From the beginning, the company has strived to offer exceptional service with custom plans that best suit each client’s needs. American Dream Auto Protect is also staffed with industry experts whose primary goal is to solve the warranty dilemma for vehicle owners. The company’s personalized protection plans have shielded over 1 million drivers from expensive car repairs.

American Dream Auto Protect covers the engine, transmission, brake system, cooling system, electrical system, rim and tire protection, 4×4, AWD, and round-the-clock roadside assistance in a typical plan. Deeper coverage is available with the more complete Gold Plan that also covers the steering system and rack and pinion unit. American Dream Auto Protect allows drivers to build a plan that covers the needs of their vehicles and includes the optional items they would like covered, like suspension, fuel system, and differential assembly, among others.

American Dream Auto Protect offers added value at no extra cost to grow customer satisfaction further. With an American Dream Auto Protect car warranty, vehicle owners enjoy 24/7 roadside assistance, courtesy towing, and rental car coverage.

American Dream Auto Protect’s core focus has always been convenience, savings, transparency, efficiency, and affordability. With customer understanding of extended manufacturer warranty being a big hurdle in the automotive industry, American Dream Auto Protect encourages vehicle owners to take advantage of the consultation stage to learn each plan’s terms and conditions. Through its four-step process – consultation, plans, customization, and agreement, the company works closely with drivers to determine the best plan suited to their needs and budget.

American Dream Auto Protect is dedicated to bringing the most comprehensive and personalized auto protection plans to the forefront. For more information, visit

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