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September 15 17:39 2023
Bar Crawl LIVE! Presents How to Have the Ultimate Halloween Bar Crawl Experience

Costumes and drinks and dancing, oh my! The night of mischief is right around the corner, and it’s never too early to begin making plans for the spookiest time of year.

Even though Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, there are celebrations going on all month long. Perhaps the most epic is “Halloweekend.” The weekend before All Hallows’ Eve is perfect for all types of ghoulish fun out.

A Halloween bar crawl is the best way to experience everything this festive evening is known for. Read on to learn more about what to expect from a Halloween bar party and how to have the ultimate night out from the experts at Bar Crawl LIVE!

What to Expect From a Halloween Bar Crawl 2023

Fall always feels like a last hurrah before the cold, dark days of winter set in. That’s why there’s an abundance of festivities ranging from classic corn mazes and trick-or-treating to haunted houses and, of course, epic themed house parties.

So, why choose a bar crawl on Halloween? The Official Halloween Bar Crawl by Bar Crawl Live! offers the best of these experiences rolled into one night, all for a one-time ticket price.

Costumes, cocktails, and creepy crawlies converge on the ultimate Bar Crawl LIVE! Halloween pub crawl. Bar Crawl LIVE! plans everything for a truly stress-free experience for crawlers. By joining a Bar Crawl LIVE! pub crawl for Halloween, ticket holders get access to exclusive drink and food deals at some of the best nightclubs and venues in their city, all at a discount.

But this is just one part of the bar crawl experience. Bar Crawl LIVE! ensures free entry to the best nightclubs and bars with a dedicated bar wristband that is also the key to discounts on spooky-themed drinks, shots, beers, and food.

Of course, Halloween bar events can’t be overlooked. From costume contests to DJs and live talent, the Bar Crawl LIVE! Digital Bar List has all the information crawlers need to make the most of Halloweekend.

How to Choose a Halloween Crawl

Not all Halloween pub crawls are created equal. The last thing crawlers want to do is wait in lines all night or show up to a venue that looks more like a graveyard than a club.

Bar Crawl LIVE! knows there are a few things that separate a good Halloween bar crawl from a great one. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing between annual Halloween bar crawls.

Premium Venues

Don’t settle for a lackluster Halloween experience. The atmosphere is everything when it comes to a Halloween party, so only the best nightclubs and venues are included in Bar Crawl LIVE’s bar crawl.

The Official Halloween Bar Crawl takes place at multiple bars in almost every major city across the U.S., each with its own unique atmosphere and spooky decorations. Crawlers get to experience a range of different participating bars and venues offering Halloween drinks and activities.

Bar Crawl LIVE! only partners with the best nightclubs and venues in each participating city. Instead of dive bars or pubs, the Official Halloween Bar Crawl takes place at larger, more energetic, modern venues that really capture the party atmosphere of the weekend.

Food & Drink Deals

Food and drinks should fuel the ultimate Halloween bar crawl without breaking the bank. Bar Crawl LIVE! crawlers enjoy up to 50% off specials on drinks and food to keep the good vibes going all day and into the night.

These deals are for wristband-only guests, so don’t worry about things running out.

After all, what’s a Halloween bar crawl without some spooky drinks? Each bar will have its own selection of Halloween-themed drinks, from witches’ brews to zombie cocktails, all at a discount for Bar Crawl LIVE! crawlers.

Bar Events

The Halloween pub crawl also includes a variety of games and activities to keep the party going. Expect to see everything from costume contests to Halloween trivia games.

While Halloween costumes aren’t required, they’re definitely encouraged. From classic horror movie characters to trendy pop culture references, there are endless possibilities for groups, couples, and solo crawlers to showcase their creativity.

Here are some spooky and scary costume ideas from Bar Crawl LIVE! to help kickstart a creepy crawly bar crawl.

An Emphasis on Organization

Even though Halloween is known as being a night of mischief, it’s important to choose a bar crawl that runs smoothly. There’s no worse feeling than showing up to a dead dive bar or wandering around like zombies trying to find the next venue.

At Bar Crawl LIVE!, we believe that a successful event is one where every attendee has a fun and memorable experience from start to finish. Organization is key to providing the best time for ticket-holders and the satisfaction of partner venues. That’s why Bar Crawl LIVE! provides a well-organized plan to help venues maximize their revenue potential while providing crawlers with exclusive food and drink specials to make their money go further.

A lot of thought and careful planning goes into choosing the right venues and perfecting the crawl map. The commitment to organization ensures everyone makes the most out of their Halloween pub crawl.


Boring Halloween pub crawls won’t cut it this year. Look for a company that prides itself on being innovative and has a fresh take on what a Halloween bar crawl should be.

Bar Crawl LIVE! is constantly innovating and finding new ways to enhance the bar crawl experience for crawlers. From one-of-a-kind themes and premium venues to cutting-edge technology, they are always looking for ways to push the envelope and deliver the best possible experience to ticket-holders.

Care for Crawlers

It’s always important to celebrate Halloween safely. While crawlers are encouraged to let loose and have fun, safety is always a priority. It’s important to choose a bar crawl company that cares for crawlers rather than leaving them to their own devices.

Bar Crawl LIVE! Always takes safety seriously. Every precaution is taken to ensure that events are safe and enjoyable for everyone. From coordinating with local entities to providing excellent customer service regarding transportation and safe drinking practices, Bar Crawl LIVE! goes above and beyond to make sure the creepy crawlers have a worry-free experience while they celebrate Halloween.

Tips For First-Time Crawlers

While the ultimate Halloween bar crawl should be a worry-free experience, there are still ways crawlers can elevate their night out.

These tips are for first-time crawlers and experienced pub goers alike. Follow these tips to make the most of a Halloween bar crawl.

Dress to Impress

Halloween costumes are totally optional for the Halloween Bar Crawl, but they can make the experience all the better. Bar Crawl LIVE! encourages ticket holders to come out in their spookiest or funniest costumes this year.

Dressing to impress can even get crawlers some perks along the way when it comes to a costume contest. Plus, Halloween costumes are the perfect time to capture the perfect pic for Insta.

The More the Merrier

There’s room for everyone on a bar crawl! Bringing along a group of friends makes the Halloween bar crawl all the more memorable. While crawlers will definitely meet other party people out at the different venues, there’s nothing better than kicking off Halloween night with friends.

If anything, the group will grow as the night goes on!

Bar Crawl LIVE! Makes it easy to register groups at one time so no one misses out. The number of tickets purchased is the number of wristbands crawlers receive at registration. No names are necessary, so it’s a breeze to stock up on tickets and get them to friends as Halloween plans come together.

Start Early

A Halloween bar crawl can be a long event, but it’s important to start early. There will be a check-in location where guests can pick up their wristbands before registration lines. Even if guests aren’t planning on joining the bar crawl until later, this is the best way to prepare for the wicked fun ahead.

During early registration, guests can also ask any questions and get more details on venues or the crawl map. Not everyone has to be present at registration, making it easy for one friend to pick up wristbands for the entire group.

Plan a Path

While the Official Halloween Bar Crawl is planned out for participants, there are still decisions to be made. It’s important for crawlers to always check the Digital Bar List provided by Bar Crawl LIVE! to see when bars are offering specials. The hand-selected venues will only honor wristbands for free entry and food and drink specials during their time slots to make sure they have enough for everyone.

When it comes to lines, crawlers should also plan to wait. Each venue has capacity limitations and, of course, everyone will want to go to the most popular bars. Crawlers can wait in line or head to the next bar on the Digital Bar List and have them meet you there! Since the venues stay open late, they can always revisit the bar at a later time. And the good news is if there are long lines at some bars there will be little to no lines at other bars.

The party experts at Bar Crawl LIVE! recommend getting to the most popular bars early and staying longer.

Make Moves As a Group

Because Halloweekend is a busy night for bars, it’s important to stick together with the crawl crew. At Bar Crawl LIVE!, it’s recommended to move with a group to make sure everyone makes it into the same venue.

This is what makes a Halloween bar crawl fun for everyone. Moving as a group ensures no one gets stuck waiting in line while their friends are inside and also helps support a safe pub crawl experience.

Be Flexible

While it’s important to plan, even the best-laid bar crawl map can change throughout the night. Flexibility comes in handy for groups who want to spend more time in the venues rather than waiting in line.

Bar Crawl LIVE! has eyes and ears everywhere to help ensure the Official Halloween Bar Crawl goes smoothly. Sometimes this means redirecting crawlers to bars with shorter lines and cool Halloween promotions. Bar Crawl LIVE! uses their Digital Bar List to communicate changes with ticket-holders as the night goes on to provide them with the best opportunities to have a great time.

Pack Light

Crawlers only need the essentials for a Halloween bar crawl. A valid ID and a wristband! Everything else is extra and can add to the experience, like props for a Halloween costume.

Whether it’s a witch’s broomstick or a superhero’s cape, props are all welcome as long as they are plastic! Simply be mindful of other attendees, any venue rules, or safety guidelines.

Bar Crawl LIVE! Official Halloween Bar Crawl

So, why should Halloween just be one night?

The ultimate Halloween Bar Crawl has a little something for everyone to celebrate all weekend long. No detail is overlooked to make sure everyone — from scary creatures and trendy pop stars to ghoulish groups — has a great time drinking and dancing the night away.

The entertainment space is no doubt a crowded one, but Bar Crawl LIVE! stands out with a deep understanding of the bar crawl industry and event planning. A commitment to the customer experience, partner venue satisfaction, and delivering well-organized event sets makes the Official Halloween Bar Crawl the ultimate choice this Halloween.

Book tickets to the Official Halloween Bar Crawl today.

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