Meet The Founder Transforming the U.S. Healthcare Industry

November 23 20:33 2022
Paulo Gonzalez, 32, is the co-founder of Wellnite – a mental health care platform providing quality care to everyone regardless of zip code or insurance coverage.

Landing in Silicon Valley from the Canary Islands is not easy. Less so is to become a health tech founder.

Spanning from neuroscience technology to research applications in genomics and collaborating in projects backed by big tech companies of the likes of Google, during the past decade, Paulo Gonzalez has influenced companies of all sizes in the healthcare and life sciences technologies field. His work has definitely impacted the field in many different ways.

With Wellnite his ultimate goal is to build a more self-aware and mindful society. “People should have access to all the available tools to help them develop self-awareness and empathy towards others – we need to start by removing the stigma around mental health and by offering everyone those tools to help them remove any mental or psychological barriers”.

Mr. Gonzalez was also a key person in supporting the American Diabetes Association of the Bay Area in providing accessible mental health to the local diabetes community during the early days of the pandemic.

At Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences), Paulo worked with the Liftware’s customer care and commercial team on distribution of the stabilizer meal support medical device, he worked closely with different VA agents to help get veterans access to Liftware devices.

Furthermore, Mr. Gonzalez helped increase visibility of the Liftware presenting and exposing the device to numerous attendants at Google I/O – the largest public event Google organizes (~5000 people) to showcase innovation, latest advances in technology, research and product development. His involvement with Liftware constitutes an original contribution to the field of neurodegenerative diseases and accessibility technology.

Through projects like Baseline (health data of 10,000 individuals during the course of 4 years). He leveraged his expertise with health technologies to support and troubleshoot the initial phases of the study that included wearables like the Study watch or the sleep sensors, together with sampling and health data collected through in-person clinic appointments. Through his assignment at Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences), he participated in the launch of Project Baseline which was created with the goal of mapping Human Health.

During his role at NGX Bio, he helped democratize access to next generation DNA sequencing. The impact sequencing technologies will have in global human healthcare cannot be measured economically but the companies developing them were clearly benefited by the pioneer model of NGX Bio under the execution of Mr. Gonzalez.

Paulo’s Mission Today

With years of experience in the technology and life science fields, Paulo is using all his expertise to lead Wellnite and to continue innovating in the field of mental health. “Healthcare is frustrating— and expensive. Anyone overcoming depression and anxiety deserves better”. Him and his team clear away the complexity of getting help so people can focus on the important part, receiving exceptional treatment from the comfort of their home. Forget about unexpected costs, traveling distance, or dealing with insurance. Wellnite makes help more accessible for anyone in need.

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