The future-oriented and prominent new cryptocurrency BLISS

September 22 17:44 2022
The future-oriented and prominent new cryptocurrency BLISS
A brand-new cryptocurrency called BLISS has managed to make an effect that hasn’t been seen yet.

BLISS is an essential part of the Global Digital City platform. GDC is working on establishing fundamental mechanics that make it intrinsically tied to the GDC platform and its value. Global Digital City is an initiative that raises awareness about the pros and cons that the digital era is offering around the world.

GDCC 20 utility token created on the GDCC blockchain is the foundation for transactions within Global Digital City. It has numerous uses that may be used to buy or trade anything in the virtual world.

Players can potentially earn and accumulate BLISS through gameplay and can spend BLISS to play games, purchase items, or modify their in-game Avatar characters. Creators invest their BLISS to purchase LAND, ASSETS, and through Staking. Sales drive LAND Demand for BLISS to buy LANDS. To define rarity and scarcity, artists spend BLISS to post assets to the market and purchase gems.

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BLISS makes staking possible, enabling LANDS to generate passive income. Staking BLISS increases its value and is the only way to gain valuable gems and catalysts essential for asset development. The fee capture scheme represents 2% of the total number of BLISS token transactions. The development team receives 50% of the token rewards, and the other 50% goes to token holders.

Brands and marketers can advertise their events and services on billboards in highly trafficked areas. Some areas are remarkably similar to Times Square in New York City regarding foot and vehicle traffic. Marketers can share experience-based videos to engage their audience through BLISS advertising features.

On the blockchain, users can publish, share, and accumulate rare digital assets made by their creators. Similar to how they are already transferred in other virtual worlds or online forums, these digital assets will be supported by the name system and exchanged inside this world utilizing the programming system.

Social communities that currently gather in online chat rooms, forums, or even centralized multiplayer games may move to GDCC. Additionally, it could serve as a meeting location for offline groups. There are no technical restrictions on what can be created using GDCC. New applications for education, virtual tourism, 3D design, professional development, and gathering may develop.

BLISS appears to have a promising future. The excitement surrounding BLISS has increased recently due to various media sites starting to cover their fascinating project, demonstrating to the crypto world why it is one to watch.

Bliss is available now for presale; anyone interested can purchase it on the website


Since cryptocurrencies are such a popular investment, new ones are constantly being introduced. The GDCC blockchain was used to create the Gdcc20-utility token known as BLISS, which is used as payment for online transactions. Token distribution is set at 34% for the general public and 25% for the corporate reserve, with the remaining portion going to advisers, foundations, and teams.

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