Intelligentize Your Power, New portable power station DEENO X1500 with world’s leading technology-DiBMS is to make global debut

September 20 01:03 2022

Global Leader: New DiBMS portable power station DEENO X1500 to make global debut

It has been learned that world-leading DiBMS intelligent battery management brand DEENO is slated to formally unveil its new product – DEENO X1500, which will bring “brand new possibilities” to the worldwide portable power station market. The product’s most marked feature is the exclusive and state-of-the-art DEENO Intelligent battery management system (DiBMS), which represents continuous innovation and breakthrough in intelligent battery management technology.

Highly functional and powerful new energy power station for homes, high capacity ensures steady electricity supply

The DEENO X1500 is specifically designed and developed as a portable high power station for emergency usage indoor. With self-developed DEENO Intelligent BMS battery management system(DiBMS), DEENO X1500 has lithium iron phosphate high capacity battery coupled with two intelligent fans, provide full protection both inside and outside and ensure a safer user experience. Specs and features include 1036Wh of power, 3000W peak power, 1500W high power, three USB-A (18W) output ports and two USB-C (100W) input ports, wireless charging, DC, car charging, AC port, and capability of charging 12 devices of various sizes at the same time. 3000W peak power lasting up to one second ensures smooth start for equipment, while 1500W high power satisfies usage with high-power appliances and devices from bread maker, microwave, CPAP and oven to electric stove and power drill. DEENO X1500 is compatible with onboard charging, adapter charging, generator charging, solar energy charging, etc. The device is outfitted with 4.3 inch LCD HD color display, 12W lights, intelligent mute, concentrated ports layout on one side, concealed handle, and numerous other sophisticated details and designs that enhance overall user experience.

From emergency usage and utility to entertainment and recreation, ensures normal electricity supply for homes

DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station is safe and durable. Design sensibility not only allows DEENO X1500 to function as a backup power source for the family, but also an aesthetically pleasing decoration that can find a place in every home. Concealed handle adds mobility, and brings convenience to areas like courtyard or garden without socket while negating the troubles of dragging a cable. DEENO X1500’s portability makes it a perfect choice for whacking weeds in courtyard, or hosting parties in garden, among other applications. At the same time, it is also an indispensable power source in recreation scenarios, for instance camping in a serene but remote location without power grid coverage, as DEENO X1500 can basically meet customer’s electricity consumption needs. 200W solar energy panel allows DEENO X1500 to replenish its power in the sun, able to charge up to full capacity in as quickly as six hours. DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station reduces power consumption costs as it is configured to charge itself during non-peak hours at night so as to provide electricity for peak hours during the day.

DiBMS intelligent battery management system is intelligent, efficiency and safe

The DEENO founding team is composed of key members hailing from renowned enterprises including the likes of Huawei, BYD, LG and DJI, and they are highly experienced in areas such as new energy power source research and development, chips, electrical control, and software automation algorithms, as well as supply chain management, marketing and sales. DEENO is a world-leader in DiBMS intelligent battery management system, and is primarily engaged in intelligent battery and power management products and solutions pertaining to the fields of portable power station and clean energy. Focusing on the principle of “digital and intelligent power management,” the company’s proprietary and cutting-edge DEENO Intelligent BMS has evolved into multiple product lines customized for portable power station application in various market verticals, capable of a wide range of satisfying user needs and scenarios from traveling and outdoor recreation to outdoor work, emergency response and home power backup.

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