Nartist Enters the Uncharted Waters of Charity NFT and Crypto

August 16 11:48 2022
Nartist partnered with Hoken Tech to launch NFT charity project.

Crypto, non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies have become tremendously popular over the last decade. The majority of emerging projects are competing for the position of the most lucrative collection while a handful of organizations are the ones making the difference. 

Charity, NFTs, and crypto are rarely uttered under the same breath; Nartist is an Italian company whose leaders have realized the vast potential of crypto being used for charity purposes and plan to normalize the concept of giving back to those in need in the crypto space. 

According to the company’s spokesperson, the transparency of crypto transactions makes them superiorly suitable for donations to noble causes for several reasons. The capital is pre-planned and displayed for all users and members to see, which allows everyone to know the precise amount of funds used which ends from the start. 

The forward-thinking policies and legislation adopted by numerous European countries regarding establishing crypto regulations have revolutionized the way digital assets are managed and used. Naritst stands at the forefront of the emerging European crypto scene with a mission to leverage its ability to cross all borders and barricades to help both regional and overseas charity causes and organizations. 

Hoken Tech’s spokesperson further imparted that crypto transcends all languages and cultures in addition to being easily accessible to anyone on the planet. Depositing crypto transactions to specific addresses and accounts of charity initiatives is substantially easier and quicker when compared to more traditional alternatives. 

While “standard” donations are one-dimensional and hence can serve as a motivating force only to high net-worth individuals and organizations, the element of tangible benefits, as opposed to “emotionless” receipts, has the potential of driving even the average person to contribute to charities. 

The purpose of Nartist is to not only normalize but to popularize the trend of making a difference in the world while reaping concrete benefits as a reward for a deed well done. Anyone can purchase Nartist non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and become the sole owner of unique pieces of digital art while the funds paid to the company will be allocated to the selected charity and non-profit organizations. 

Not only will users be able to purchase the physical works created by the artists, but they will also be able to acquire the related NFTs that has been created starting from the originals, in 1:1 copy of the same, created on the EOS blockchain, the first carbon-neutral blockchain in the world to be.

More information about Hoken Tech is available on the company’s official website.

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