The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome

July 29 19:36 2022

The idea Aardien Space Club was born in 2022, and it quickly cemented its place in NFT world and culture. At this point, it’s an essential project that every self-proclaimed NFT aficionado must be familiar with to be taken seriously.

Aardien Space Club dive into the core elements of the NFT project that make it a powerful representative symbol of Web3 and attempt to predict where it’s headed.

Hold tight. This one is going to be a long, hard ride. Our Discord Channel is now Live click on the link below to join our community

With crypto prices down nearly 70 percent since their peak in November 2021, some are taking to creative and frankly hilarious ways at voicing their displeasure.

The story of Aardien Space Club

Aardien Space Club was initially born 2 years ago. Specifically, it came into being on June 2nd, 2022, on their website that has got an interesting story line even approved by a self-proclaimed story writer who showed his particular interest in this and had added their ideas to it. To check out our utilities click on the link below to our website.

This project allows Internet users around the world to create their own versions and post them on website to feature their artwork which will also be used later, on their Phase 2 project.

Aardien Space Club today: Meet the DAO

Today, the Aardien Space Club community continues to be vibrant and strong. In fact, the community established a DAO. The Aardien Space Club DAO’s members includes the future NFT holders across the Phase 2 collections. Its mission? To acquire their home-world which will give the holders (and their Aardiens NFTs) a place to roam freely.

The raison de’etre for this mission extends from lore the community invented around the characters. In short, the story is A million light-years ago, there was a planet called Gliese-876 in the Milky Way galaxy. The planet held extra-terrestrial life known as Diens. An unknown species of aliens called HxxxxxxxxS invaded Gliese-876, and they brought a vast armed force with them. HxxxxxxxxS were very advanced and powerful in comparison to the Diens. Diens battled to the end. They fought hard, and the Leader of the Dien forces realized they couldn’t win this fight. They had lost their planet, but their Leader knew how to preserve his people. The Leader planned to save and rescue the mother of the Diens, the queen, and send her to a different planet in the universe where fifty Diens would accompany her. The entire species of Diens was eradicated, and the invasion of HxxxxxxxxS was successful.

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