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July 27 01:45 2022

With the rapid growth and diversification of the global economy, financial derivatives trading, as an important way of trading in the global economy, is gradually becoming popular with the rapid development of technology and the economy. It is attracting the attention of investors around the world. However, at present, most financial derivatives trading does not have a central exchange, so investors need to complete through various trading platforms.

It is important to choose a financial derivatives online trading service platform with stable and high visibility trading. The reporter found that Sunanc International Limited, an international financial company located in the UK, is a trustworthy financial derivatives online trading transaction service platform as an established global leading financial technology company, which can provide professional customized trading solutions and a stable trading environment for each client.


Low spreads and high leverage, fast trade execution

Spreads are a key cost when trading forex, so low spread platforms are more beneficial to investors. As a platform that can provide ultra-low spreads in the industry, Sunanc has absolute industry advantages and service capabilities and can provide customers with lower service fees and more stable execution. It has low spreads, with spreads starting from as low as 0.0, and high leverage, with a high leverage ratio of 1:500 times service. Meanwhile, Sunanc adopts the most advanced MT5 trading software in the world at present, which can truly and effectively achieve no exact quotes, long-short two-way trading, T+0 instant trading, lightning-like transaction execution speed, and an efficient and transparent trading environment. This is one of the reasons why millions of investors choose Sunanc. From the overall experience, it is easy to find that MT5 online trading system software not only integrates the three primary functions of market charts, technical analysis and order trading but also provides investors with more comprehensive, real-time and convenient financial market information services. It is software that integrates the latest financial market information and fast trading services. It is undoubtedly an excellent online trading platform from the investors’ point of view.

Quantitative algorithm + second-level real-time data to achieve a complete ecological closed loop

Sunanc International Limited, as a global digital asset derivative trading platform, is based on innovative quantitative technology and continuous improvement of the financial service system to achieve wealth protection and appreciation for investment customers. Sunanc has mastered the core quantitative algorithm with leading artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis. The trading system has reached the millisecond level, which can realize hundreds of thousands of transactions per second per unit, thus forming a high-barrier type of trading protection.

In addition, Sunanc also cooperates with Hotspot FX, FastMatch, Currenex, CFH Clearing and other internationally renowned financial trading system service providers to create a mutual trust trading ecosystem, realizing real-time transmission of data source information and enhancing the overall market trading depth of financial derivatives.

Bank-level clearing provider channel + diversified investment portfolio, bringing more investment more conveniently

Sunanc cooperates with the world-renowned bank-level clearing house, which provides multiple barriers to the safety of users’ funds with safe and stable charging and withdrawal channels. It also provides users with faster and more convenient charging and withdrawal experience with efficient T+0 minute withdrawals. The company offers 365*24 hours of online service, providing users with safe, credible, stable, reliable, VIP butler-style platform technical services and diversified portfolio product customization services. Users can conduct online trading of over 47 global financial derivatives on Sunanc platform, reducing the time cost of multi-platform switching and multi-channel capital security.

As a world-renowned financial derivatives online trading service provider, Sunanc will keep in mind its original intention, forge ahead and devote itself to providing investors with better investment services, more diversified investment advice and a safer trading environment. Looking into the future, Sunanc will continue optimizing the trading experience and providing quality services with a customer-centre approach!

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