Amicus International Consulting Inc. introduces a simple, game-changing way to create a new identity.

July 26 17:45 2022
Ever wondered about starting a new life? More people choose to get a new identity for many reasons, including harassment and abuse, identity theft, or entering a witness protection program. Amicus brings a simple and easy way to do that.

Industry leader Amicus International Consulting Inc. has stepped up efforts to help individuals looking to create a new identity.

“People have their reasons why they need to get a new identity. Some need it for traveling to other countries while starting over, while others want to avoid difficult situations or use it as their crypto ID. However, creating a new identity and living a new life is not an easy feat. They must go through several challenging processes. That’s where Amicus International Consulting, Inc. comes into the picture,” a representative said in a statement. 

Amicus is an industry leader in helping individuals obtain a legal new identity with a complete backstory that will be easy, convenient, and secure. The team provides all the documents needed to support a new identity. 

Many people have turned to the dark web to create a new identity. In some parts of the world, they have open-air shops with booths showcasing examples of what identity documents they can make on demand, which include driver’s licenses, national identity cards, or passports for almost any country or state in the world.

“These are all useless because while the forgers may be able to make flawless documents, there is a problem. They cannot create all the required matching records in the government databases to change a new identity. Amicus, however, delivers a game-changing way to create a new identity flawlessly,” the representative explains.

Its team of experts prepares the life story with all the needed documents, information, and accounts. All clients need to do is familiarize themselves with the story and begin practicing. They say old habits might be hard to break, but if they practice and commit themselves to memorize the details of the information the team will provide, they can become their new identity.

Amicus stressed that individuals could use their new identity for their unique crypto ID. The reason why a lot of cryptocurrency traders use their second identity is to remain anonymous, most especially for traders who are becoming more successful in cryptocurrency trading.

To start the process, they only need to fill out a form on the Amicus contact page and explain their case. The team will get back within 24 hours. 

Afterward, Amicus experts and experienced consultants will review the application and evaluate the best “new identity” option for the individual. Once the case is assessed and approved, the team will reach out, accepting the individual as a client.

Once accepted as a client, the team immediately buckles down to planning and discussing the case in-depth and how it can help navigate it.

Individuals interested may contact the team immediately for a free consultation on their new identity. For more information, others who wish to learn more about Amicus International Consulting Inc. may visit the website and its social channels.

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