Elad Liberman is Providing Traditional Retail Marketing Strategies to Brand NFT and DeFi Start-ups in the FinTech Industry

January 14 16:10 2022
NFT and DeFi are the current revolutions in the financial industry, and start-ups looking to venture into the space through those models can rely on Elad Liberman’s marketing strategies

Today, entrepreneurs seeking to enter the FinTech industry face several challenges. The problem of scaling is one, the problem of identifying profitable business models another. Recently, however, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have demonstrated potential as workable business models for entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in entering the industry.

Blockchain entrepreneur Elad Liberman offers traditional retail marketing strategies to help brands using NFT, and DeFi models grow. Liberman has been involved in the blockchain space since 2016, and his company, Full Power Investments Limited, is currently working with entrepreneurs in the emerging NFT art collection and DeFi spaces.

For more than seven years, Liberman has helped businesses in diverse industries and those operating in polarizing sectors reach their target markets. His firm specializes in millennial-focused marketing, and he helps local service-oriented companies build retail e-commerce businesses to expand their outreach.

Through traditional retail marketing strategies, Liberman helps start-ups working in brand-new industries and innovative verticals grow while applying the best professional practices of decades past. He offers the following lessons in business marketing for FinTech entrepreneurs:

Define Vision

Entrepreneurs need more than just a concept to launch their businesses. They must have a clear idea of their target market, the needs their venture will address, and how they will articulate their products or services to those in the market.

“When you share the same set of values and beliefs with your target audience, you set yourself apart from the pack and if you connect with them on a personal level, you can build a strong and loyal client base,” explained Elad Liberman. “That loyalty, however, begins with identifying just who you want to serve and communicating directly with them, where they want to be found.”

Invest in Existing Client Base

So many new businesses falter when they turn early revenue into a laser focus on acquiring new clients rather than strengthening the relationship with their original clients.

Neglecting current client base to build businesses is a mistake that many entrepreneurs and small business owners make when building their first marketing plan,” asserted Elad Liberman. “Instead, entrepreneurs should spend time and resources to understand better their clients and how to strengthen and grow their relationship with members of a target audience.

Loyal early adopters offer the biggest value to a growing business. They also offer a lot of insight into the market and how to acquire adjacent customers. Listening and responding to customers should be the first marketing goal of every entrepreneur.

Focus on Differentiators

Today, instant shopping gratification and overnight shipping allow customers to shop around more than ever. It gives business owners a huge opportunity to acquire new customers if their marketing plan and advertising spend is solid. But to get a new customer to try one out for the first time, one has to clearly show them the value of their product or service and why it’s worth it to take a chance with them.

As a business consultant, Liberman helps start-ups in the fintech industry build marketing plans that define their differentiators within a crowded space. With brand consistency and innovative marketing strategies, his company helps new business owners navigate the blockchain space without getting lost in the crowd.

“Every client we work, no matter what industry – from retail to fintech – starts with an audit to help us better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business model, vision, and implementation strategy,” says Liberman. “With that information in hand, we can help the new team adjust their marketing plan, investment requirements, and staffing in multiple stages. Our support is designed to help not just identify solutions but build them out based on years hands-on work with investors, tech houses, media houses and legal advisors.”

Connect with Elad Liberman via LinkedIn or send an email to [email protected].

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