Talk in French Pioneers an Immersive, Fun and Enjoyable Approach to Learning the Famous Language

June 10 02:18 2021

Learn French through distance learning with Talk in French, the online learning school. Talk in French offers podcasts, blogs, free books and other resources to help the student embrace a holistic form of learning. Frédéric BIBARD, the founder, takes the student on an engaging journey through French grammar, vocabulary and culture and makes learning French a truly enjoyable experience.

Frédéric BIBARD believes in incorporating a learning habit in the student. The website also contains four hundred plus blog posts with free content on different aspects of the French culture and language. The podcast features are freely available for beginners and move on to a paid version for advanced learning.

Enroll in our online French courses suited for you regardless of your level and skills in French. I believe that most of the websites that want to teach you French do a good job of giving you information. But this is not enough. It is not enough to simply deliver content. It is also about the method”, says Frédéric BIBARD, the founder of Talk in French.

Talk in French has successfully created a good mix of content, method, and lots of fun too. Frédéric BIBARD assists each student in the best way suited to them. He believes that each person requires a personal coach to push, help and correct them to enhance the learning experience. Motivation plays a huge role in his method of teaching. He supports and cultivates the desire to learn by motivating his students to achieve their best.

Teaching French is just the beginning for Frederic. He one day wants to create a tool or framework to help people form a learning habit. He believes that if everybody spends 30 minutes each day learning something helpful like learn a new language instead of watching TV, good things can happen in their lives”, says a spokesperson for Talk in French.

Frederic BIBARD is French by birth and the founder of Talk in French.  He worked as a French tutor for several years while travelling abroad. The lack of innovation on the way French was taught gave him the idea of starting his own tutoring company. He continues to work to make this website the number one place to learn French online.

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