Lil Yachty Partners with Weentar to Launch the Social Media of the Future

May 12 02:43 2021
Lil Yachty is the first celebrity to partner with Weentar, a decentralized social media site using blockchain to bring the value of social media content to users worldwide.

Rapper Lil Yachty is the first of many celebrity partners who are bringing Weentar’s decentralized social media model into the public eye. The immense value of social media currently benefits a select few companies and individuals, but Weentar aims to open this value up to fans and creators alike. Influencers and celebrities will be able to create their social tokens and launch their social media content as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This will be a game-changer for millions of creators, allowing them to gain the full value of their unique social media content.

Weentar will also create possibilities for fans or consumers, allowing them to own unique pieces of their favorite creators’ work. Creators will be able to reward their most loyal fans in ways they have never been able to before. Weentar’s social networks will fuel its native coin $WNTR, which will launch along with the blockchain system. Weentar’s system uses smart contracts audited by Solidity finance, a well-known name in the cryptocurrency space, in order to ensure the greatest value and security for their users.

The team behind Weentar is made up of business executives and professionals in market research, blockchain development, artificial intelligence, project management, and other fields. They account for every part of the social network’s process, with dedicated teams for blockchain development, app development, product design, and investment relations, working together to take Weentar to the moon and beyond.

Weentar has already launched its presale on its website and is continuing to grow, partnering with celebrities and influencers, growing creator and consumer communities, and garnering attention for their product worldwide.

More information on Weentar can be found on the Weentar website.

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