Mouth Off Launches First-Ever Dissolving Gum

May 04 20:57 2021
Mouth Off is the first and only product that gets rid of bad breath for 4 hours and works in under 60 seconds.

New York, NY. – Mouth Off Health, Inc. launches the first and only dissolving gum able to get rid of bad breath. The patent-pending formula works in under 60 seconds, and the benefits last 4 hours. Unlike other products on the market today that only temporarily hide bad breath, Mouth Off removes the cause/source of odor, leaving you with clean breath. Dissolving means that there will be no need to spit it out, resulting in less litter on the streets. This product is also plant-based, sugar-free, with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or plastics. Dissolving gum is the new way of treating bad breath. Mouth Off is not just any piece of gum or mint. Mouth Off dissolving gum is innovation and efficacy in every chew.

Mouth Off Health, Inc. was founded by Camille Varlet, a CPG veteran, and Columbia MBA, with prior brand management experience working at Dannon and L’Oréal. Bad breath is a problem that affects over 100M people in the US alone, and when Camille found out that there wasn’t a product on the market that was able to get rid of bad breath, she decided to do something about it. After learning there had been no innovation in this category in decades, she set off to create a new type of product made especially for today’s consumers, and that is how Mouth Off came into being. It took almost two years of formulation work before launching Mouth Off’s patent-pending formula, which works better than other products on the market today, and is convenient and ecofriendly.

While chewing, Mouth Off’s formula is activated; it then binds to and cleans away the cause and source of the odor and sulfur compounds. Whether from food, drink, coffee, dry mouth, tonsil stones, or other oral care conditions, all bad breath comes down to sulfur compounds. No product on the market today has been able to get rid of it, until Mouth Off.

Mouth Off dissolves in your mouth in under 60 seconds as you chew, that’s all the time required by the product to clean away the sulfur compounds and work. It also means that people do not have to spit it out, making it convenient as gums are one of the largest sources of litter on the sidewalk.

The efficacy of the active ingredients in Mouth Off- is backed by a clinical study showing that breath odor is removed immediately after use and, these benefits lasted 4 hours. Numerous in-vitro studies showing efficacy versus gums and mints in the market today have also been conducted and show removal of sulfur compounds, while other product’s sulfur compound level remains constant.

Currently, only available online at, Mouth Off is available as a one-time purchase or a recurring monthly subscription and has earned numerous 5-star reviews, highlighting its delicious taste and unbeatable efficacy.

About Mouth Off Health, Inc.

Mouth Off is well known for its superior efficacy, convenience, and eco-friendliness. Currently available in a refreshing peppermint flavor (with additional flavors launching later this year), this product is designed to do more than just hide bad breath, it gets rid of it. Tested on everything from morning breath, coffee breath, to yes- even garlic breath, Mouth Off works in under 60 seconds and benefits last for 4 hours. Mouth Off is backed by ERA and Columbia Startup Lab.

For more information, visit and @mouthoffgum on all social media.

About Camille Varlet 

An accomplished consumer products veteran who holds a B.A. from Barnard College and an MBA from Columbia University. She has over 10 years of CPG experience, launching and managing brands at Dannon and L’Oréal. She also previously worked in digital marketing at American Express. 

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