Ilinca Radu Celebrates Love During A Pandemic In A New Viral Video

April 12 17:42 2021
Popular wedding planner, Ilinca Radu, publishes Elopement in Marbella, a new video dedicated to couples getting married during the pandemic

Elopement in Marbella is a new YouTube video that is generating all the buzz, as a group of people come together to create a captivating and heart-touching video celebrating couples who got married or are going to get married in times of Covid. The video is particularly unique as it does not seek to sell or promote any brand or product, rather it celebrates love during a pandemic in an unusual manner.

The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to ravage the world. While the crisis continues to wreak havoc worldwide, some people have not let it come in the way of their love, defying all odds to start their journey of happily ever after. Unfortunately, the plight of these love birds seems to have been ignored by millions of people as the world seeks ways to put an end to the crisis. However, a creative team that includes a popular wedding planner from Marbella, Ilinca Radu, seems to have other ideas, a claim substantiated with the creation of Elopement in Marbella.

The emotional video from the popular wedding planner in Marbella is dedicated to lovers seeking to tie the knot in these unprecedented times. The video celebrates the fight for love amid challenges. “It is dedicated to all those couples who commit to love despite difficulties. It is a tribute to those who even in 2020 decided to affirm their love through thick and thin. For those who decided to give up their family and friends and move on with their life plans. To those couples who preferred to listen to their hearts rather than reason. This is for those of you in love with love …” said Ilinca Radu.

Elopement in Marbella is currently available on YouTube where it can be watched as well as on her Instagram account.

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