Giguere Consulting created the Producing Accelerator for Mortgage Loan Officers

April 08 17:57 2021

Gabriel Giguère fresh out of business college, quit his student job as a DJ and started Giguere Consulting.

After speaking and working with over 1000 mortgage loan officers, he found that loan officers want to make more money, but they’re a having hard time with marketing so many buy leads only to find they waste a ton of money/time, or they’re relying on realtors, but realtors want referrals back in return. His burning desire to solve this problem was born.

From there, as a hermit workaholic, he started to build his track record using his proprietary system, the Producing Accelerator that helps mortgage loan officers & mortgage companies all over US/Canada take home more commissions at an insane ROI. (Even during a pandemic)

Gabriel believes that every Loan Officer should self-generate their own deals and have this as one of their arms of marketing, because sooner than later, they’ll find that their quality realtors want referrals back in return. So, If they can’t give a deal to get a deal, it’s only a matter of time before another Loan Officer get their #1 spot and becomes the go-to lender of their top realtors.

Most Loan officers they want the realtor’s clients, and in turn they are offering a rate sheet or co-branded flyer, no one cares about those anymore. What do realtors care about? Clients. Lenders are coming at it backwards. They are coming at agents and they are basically saying, “Hey, I’ll buy you lunch in return give me clients.” No, bring clients to the Realtor, and then you can attract any Realtor you want.

Following the “100% referral based” model will only result in losing realtor partners, dry pipeline, dry bank account etc. So, self-generate your own business. Bring pre-approved deals to the realtor, and become the preferred lender of your realtors or attract any high producing realtor you want.

Today, while the demand is increasing, customers are always before profits and his vision is to help every mortgage loan officers become high producers, gain financial freedom and have more fun.

More information about the Producing Accelerator can be found here:

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