Laminate Flooring Costs Can Fluctuate, LV Hardwood Flooring Reveals

March 26 02:36 2021

Deciding on price and style before installation contains costs. Laminate flooring is beautiful, durable and practically maintenance free.  It is therefore the choice of many when installing hardwood flooring.  Whether an installation occurs in a business or a residence, choosing the proper type of laminate flooring, the size of the area, and the underlayer of flooring (sometimes referred to as sub-flooring), can make a huge difference in price and durability.  That is why a well-known and seasoned specialist such as LV Hardwood Flooring, in Toronto, should be consulted before proceeding with installation.  Usage and traffic upon a floor will impact how long the floor will last, so this also should be discussed, as buying too cheaply with heavy foot traffic will lead to a loss of money not a cost-savings.

What is the cost of laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is generally more inexpensive than the cost of wood, tiles, or stone flooring.  Again, there are many variables such as those listed above and a contractor that specializes in the installation should be consulted.  However, a brief estimate can be given.  The basic flooring installation itself runs in the price range of 15 to 36 dollars per square metre.   Under flooring that needs more sturdiness can add to the costs at an additional 5 to ten dollars per square metre.  The average cost of an installation does amount to approximately the same price as the product itself, which is generally around 13 to 15 dollars per square metre.   So, the cost of the installation equals the installation costs plus the product costs. 

Breaking this down is difficult for some potential clients, so come contractors offer an option.

Some providers, to avoid the confusion in estimation, just charge a daily fee after quoting how long they expect a project to take.  This daily fee usually amounts to around 180 to 250 dollars, and some leeway should be given to any provider using this method as it might come out at a slightly cheaper price if installation is finished quickly or might be a bit more costly if the installation takes a bit longer.  As with all the pricing types and styles above, the size of an area is most important in giving a quote and assessing the cost of a project.

The total cost of a project depends entirely on the project itself.

If old flooring is to be removed, it stands to reason that the project will cost more.  If thicker layers of laminate and additional under flooring is needed, then that also can bump up the price.  The only way to determine exact costs is to consult with a reputable company such as LV Hardwood Flooring in Toronto before proceeding.  Laminate flooring does not have to cost an arm and a leg, and it is beautiful.  But poorly done installation or materials will only lose money in the long run as the flooring will not look or perform as it should. 

About LV Hardwood Flooring

This hardwood flooring specialist in Toronto has been installing quality laminate flooring for businesses and residences for years and has a great reputation.  Consultations are free and the best interests of the clients always come first.  In addition to laminate flooring, they offer other types of flooring, as well as floor refinishing and wall coverings.  There is a blog for information on all types of flooring.

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