Kinshasa Makambo Releases New Clothing Line Called Going Home Collection

March 05 23:06 2021
Kinshasa Makambo is a fashion brand that focuses on minimal western designs with a touch of Congolese art and culture.

United Kingdom – Congolese fashion house Kinshasa Makambo has recently launched their latest clothing line ‘Going Home’. The name is symbolic for reflecting on where one comes from and embracing home roots. In the world of fast fashion, people have left behind their classic cultural garments mainly due to practicality and changing media. Kinshasa Makambo has a fusion approach that intertwines western fashion with Congolese art and culture. Even though their designs are minimalistic, they are reminiscent of home.

Their collection consists of staple wardrobe pieces that anyone would enjoy. From basic t-shirts to fashionable street wear, Kinshasa Makamba has brought Congolese culture under the spotlight. As an exclusive apparel brand they are dedicated to fearless sapologies that revolutionize outdated fashion trends. Trendsetters can find highly fashionable streetwear at Kinshasa Makambo which features unisex graphic tees for men and women and unique designs that are inspired by contemporary Congolese culture.

Their curated collections hold comfortable, casual, and unique style pieces that can help in effortless everyday styling. The unique part about their clothing is that it pushes boundaries without going overboard helping people dress the part. Their vision is to express Congolese culture through fashionable street wear apparel that is designed for modernists who are looking to incorporate minimalist fashion with luxury. Each piece in their collection adds value to their culture and can be worn as an everyday lifestyle.   

Amongst their fusion of fashion, shoppers can choose from a vast collection that includes tsirts, hoodies, cropped sweatshirts, socks, caps, beanies, and much more. Kinshasa Makambo also offers face masks for safety against the pandemic. With vibrant colours and a minimalistic look, face masks have also become the latest trend. Their face masks have a nice adjustable capacity with nose wire and elastic bands, making it safe a secure to use.

The management at Kinshasa Mokambo understands the value of their culture, which is why they created this brand to provide people with luxurious minimalistic designs that can help them celebrate where they came from. As a brand, Kinshasa Mokambo works towards fortifying the perspective on Congolese fashion, as well as to provide their people with an avenue to confidently flaunt their Congolese identity with a modern touch.

What sets them apart from their competitors is how they value and respect their customers’ time and hard-earned money that they use to support Kinshasa Mokambo’s clothing line. In return, their timeliness and responsiveness of delivering the customer’s needs is unparalleled. The Kinshasa Mokambo team considers keeping their culture alive as a way of giving back to the community, as they are breathing life into something that made them who they are today. Undoubtedly, Kinshasa Mokambo is the perfect retail destination for those who want to always keep in touch with their Congolese roots through fashion.

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