QR Reveal is Making Contactless Menus and Ordering as Easy as a Tap on a Mobile Device

March 02 11:56 2021
QR Reveal is Making Contactless Menus and Ordering as Easy as a Tap on a Mobile Device

Contactless ordering whether for pickup and delivery or for in service dining is now safer and faster due to the app that is developed specifically for this purpose by QR Reveal. A powerful platform allows extra safety and reliability as well as quick ordering for restaurants and any other type of food service business. 

Lists of locations, menu items, and even times of pickup and delivery can be organized and even changed in seconds, with consumers loving this new type of ordering food.  The app is not only easy to download and then use immediately, but it is easy for consumers and businesses to understand.  QR codes are present almost everywhere now in every industry and now restaurants and food service industries now can make use of this technology for its speed and efficiency

Images can be uploaded and daily “specials” added or subtracted in the blink of an eye.  Graphic images of food show that consumers will indeed purchase more when these are used and while paper menus may have some images, paper menus do not have the space, or the depth needed to present food selections as effectively as a QR code app menu.  The difference in look is simply astounding and much more attractive than a standard PDF which is used on paper menus. 

Customers also appreciate the speed and efficiency with which they can now order food quickly.  No matter where someone is located or what they are doing, QR codes ensure that the order is taken immediately, and food can be ready and waiting or delivered to a diner in house in record speed. 

QR Reveal is not only adaptable to food service industries but also to hospitals and other healthcare facilities as the codes can be used for menu item ordering also in these industries.  Most hospitals and healthcare facilities provide paper menus, but no pictures and timely delivery of food can be spotty in these industries. 

QR Reveal with the use of the QR codes has found a solution that works not just for restaurants, bars, and other food industries, but also for hospitality and health care industries.  The adaptability, and expedition of food service is changing forever using QR codes and QR Reveal’s app is slick and easily taught as the navigation is clean.  Most businesses and consumers that try this method of ordering food will never return to the unsanitary and inefficient bulky old types of paper menus. 

To add to the attraction QR Reveal offers a free trial so there is nothing to lose when trying the app.

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