Honey Badgers IV Hydration and Infusions, LLC, Announces Expansion of Operations

February 18 17:20 2021

Today, the Texas based company announced the expansion of operations to Austin and Corpus Christi. “Increased consumer demand for IV Nutritional Therapies is driving the growth of the company and our industry. Additionally, more and more physicians are recognizing the benefits of nutritional therapies to complement existing medical treatments. We are excited to bring these services as well as new employment opportunities to these communities.” Said company spokes person.

Honey Badgers IV Hydration and Infusions, LLC, provide IV Vitamin, Nutritional and Wellness therapies utilizing highly skilled infusion specialists, expert physicians and recently negotiated a collaborative agreement with the nation’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of nutritional supplements to bring the best- in- class service to it’s clients. Company recently introduced, a sports nutrition division to develop products and services to benefit athletes. Additionally, they can custom make blends specific to the clients’ needs. Services are provided to consumers, corporations, physician clients, public events and in-home services.

IV hydration therapy is becoming a key part of many physical and rehabilitation programs. This form of treatment can be highly effective because:

It works much more quickly than oral rehydration.

Dehydration is severely debilitating and potentially fatal. For patients suffering from serious dehydration, IV hydration therapy is the most efficient way to get their fluid levels back up. Because the fluids are introduced directly into the bloodstream, the patient should experience rehydration at a rapid pace.

It can be helpful for patients who are too weak or ill to drink.

It can also be very helpful for patients who are confused—either as a result of the dehydration itself or from dementia. Rather than relying on the patient’s urge to drink, IV hydration therapy provides exactly the amount of fluid the patient needs, quickly and easily.

It is easily customized to the patient’s needs.

Dehydration can vary widely from patient to patient. The person may be low on electrolytes, fluids, or both. IV hydration therapy allows the patient’s physician to prescribe the appropriate level of fluids, electrolytes, and any additional vitamins or minerals, and ensure that the patient receives the full amount.

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