Slim Down Level Up by Mylitta Butler Shares Insights and Strategies to Shedding 160 Pounds and Fighting off Heart Disease

February 18 22:15 2021
Slim Down Level Up by Mylitta Butler Shares Insights and Strategies to Shedding 160 Pounds and Fighting off Heart Disease

Women looking for sure shot ways to lose weight permanently can now pick up a copy of Mylitta Butler’s Slim Down Level Up, launched on 9th February 21. Besides being a book documenting Mylittta’s weight loss journey and her ultimate secret to weight loss,  the book provides incredible insight on how using one diet alone has failed people long enough, and is the reason behind why their dieting success is short-lived.

One of the biggest obstacles to a weight loss routine can be the routine itself. Rigorous exercise combined with impractical diets, lead to most people giving up. Fortunately, Mylitta recognized this during her weight loss journey and created her own slim down program and meal plan that helped her lose 160 pounds.

For Mylitta Butler, life at 304 pounds wasn’t easy. She was pre-diabetic, suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Equally frustrating was the numerous diets and weight loss programs that just didn’t work for long. She soon figured out how subjecting her body to extreme measures to lose weight was proving unhealthy. There had to be another way. She began exploring out of the box solutions with more flexibility and discovered the key to losing weight long-term.  The result was a complete transformational journey, physically and mentally, which she now describes in her book Slim Down Level Up.  

What makes the book unique is Mylitta’s technique of combining different diets together and creating a Diet Remixx that allows one to eat things like cheeseburgers and chocolate cake and still lose weight.

“You can lose weight eating real food and without following a fad diet or excessive exercising. This book shows you how. Get ready to transform your life and Slim Down Level Up!” says Mylitta Butler.

Key information for readers in Slim Down Level Up, are the specific ways to overcome innumerous dieting myths that keep people overweight and frustrated, scientific reasons why different combination diets are better for weight loss, and Mylitta’s 6-Week Slim Down Level Up program and meal plan. The program involves a stress free, and flexible diet, designed around eating real food. Readers learn how to make what she refers to as a strategic  weight loss food shift that is easier to follow and  maintain. 

Mylitta Butler is a Healthy Thick Chick with a passion for good food and living well. Readers can also visit her website for weight loss stories and healthy cooking recipes. Her book Slim Down Level Up was launched on 16th February 2021 and is now available on Amazon

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