‘LibraVista-api’, a developer-friendly toolbox of Facebook Libra is released by LibraVista.

July 09 12:40 2019

On July 5th, LibraVista announced the release of the ‘LibraVista-api‘ project (https://api-testnet.libravista.com/doc/), which aims to lower the study difficulty of the Libra technologies and provide easy access to the Libra on-chain data. This would be a vital complementation to the Libra official documents and development tools.

Backed up by Facebook and its partners, Libra is designed to be a global and stable decentralized cryptocurrency. The concept of Libra is to utilize blockchain technology and build an inclusive international financial system that everyone can benefit from. The codebase of Facebook Libra went public 3 weeks ago, and currently, the project has been marked with a star by more than 10,000 developers on Github, which means it is now super-popular in the open-source world.

The LibraVista-api project delivers a set of HTTP API that wraps the official Libra gRPC protocol, and it’s designed to make Libra development easier. For instance, to fetch the latest transactions on the Libra blockchain, when using the original gRPC protocol, a gRPC client needs to be set up and the parameters in the gRPC request should be filled carefully. Instead, with the help of LibraVista-api, you can send a similar request by clicking a button in your web browser, and the corresponding results will be rendered instantly in the same webpage. As you can see, LibraVista-api is so straight-forward that it would definitely encourage beginners to explore Libra data and learn related knowledge.

Figure: get the latest transaction on Libra via LibraVista-api

Currently, the LibraVista-api supports to check the account balance and transaction history. In addition, you can mint new Libra coins and send it to a specific account. Account-to-account transfer, on the other hand, is still under development.

What’s more, the Libra block explorer LibraVista (www.libravista.com) is also supported by the LibraVista-api. Tong Gao, the CEO of LibraVista which develops both LibraVista and LibraVista-api, says that the mission of LibraVista is to encourage more and more people to get involved with Libra and enjoy the latest Blockchain technology, and the explorer and API are a good first step to do so.

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