Orthodontic Tech Start-Up, Forever Aligned Club®, Provides Industry-Disrupting Advances in Orthodontic Aftercare

July 09 08:30 2019
Forever Aligned Club’s simple and cost-effective membership program receives endorsement from the American Aligner Society, Dental Professionals, and Orthodontic patients for its lifetime orthodontic treatment option

July 8, 2019 – Atlanta, Ga. – Forever Aligned Club has created a patent-pending Orthodontic Aftercare® delivery system that will not only revolutionize the standard of care for Orthodontic Retention, but also threatens to disrupt the Clear Aligner marketplace. Forever Aligned Club® has come up with a cost-effective aftercare advance program that takes standard orthodontic care of getting teeth straight to a new level by focusing on retention, providing affordable retainers and clear aligners with an inexpensive membership.

Dr. David Carter, Orthodontist, Clear Aligner expert, speaker, and founder of Forever Aligned Club®, recognized that getting teeth straight was just half the treatment patients deserve. To provide an affordable retention strategy, he came up with a cost-effective membership that will become the standard of care in Orthodontics and Clear Aligner delivery.

Patients in the U.S. pay anywhere from $5,000 to $6,000 for orthodontic treatment. When complete, Orthodontists typically provide patients with a single set of retainers that should be used for a lifetime. However, the average retainer only lasts about 6 months, and many are eventually broken, lost, or eaten by the family dog. Studies have shown that within the first 5 years after Orthodontic treatment is completed, over 60% of all patients experience orthodontic relapse (shifting). The same studies have concluded that the majority of Orthodontic relapse is due to there being no standardized and affordable clear retainer, or Clear Aligner, replacement systems currently available. Forever Aligned Club® has come up with the solution, plus the required Intellectual Property (IP) to keep these services in Forever Aligned Club Providers hands.

With a Forever Aligned Club® membership, patients, regardless of their orthodontic treatment, can purchase low-cost retainers for as low as $28 – a move that will forever change the way orthodontic treatments are priced.

Forever Aligned Club® puts the use of clear retainers and Clear Aligners back in control of dentists, and out of Corporate control of Direct to Consumer Aligner products. The Forever Aligned Club® patent-pending digital platform allows Dental Professionals to register as Providers of multiple direct to consumer products, putting patient treatment, and profitability, back in the hands of practicing Dental Professionals. 

Designed for patients with a variety of needs and aimed to put the doctors back in control, Forever Aligned Club offers business-to-customer and business-to-business solutions to a variety of orthodontic issues, no matter how insignificant or complex. 

As Forever Aligned Club® Providers, Doctors can generate passive revenue through patient memberships and purchases. Additionally, Providers can rest assured that their patients will have lifetime access to high quality, and affordable, Clear Aligner and Clear Retainers.

Forever Aligned Club® dental professional providers also have access to the latest intra-oral scanning, 3D printing and thermoforming technology. This collaborative and innovative shared resources will save member doctors hundreds of thousands of dollars in overhead costs.

Learn more about Forever Aligned Club’s services and capabilities by visiting https://www.foreveralignedclub.com/.

About Forever Aligned Club®

Forever Aligned Club, LLC was founded in 2018 by Dr. David Carter in Augusta, Ga. He felt patients needed better orthodontic aftercare alternatives that other doctors could also support. The goal of FAC is to provide patients with low cost retainers and aligners, directly from a dentist, dental office, or an FAC-approved commercial dental lab. With FAC, patients across the nation will have access to more affordable Orthodontic options and solutions that ensure they receive and retain their smile for a lifetime.


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