Amber Waves Pygmy Goats – One of the most successful pet brands worldwide

July 01 20:44 2019
“Amber Waves Pygmy Goats takes a look back into their history and the resounding accomplishments through which they’ve brightened up so many people’s lives, and their adherence to experience and expertise are the sole reason as to how they’ve set a certain precedent.”

Amber Waves Pygmy Goats, run by a married couple of Jim and Debbie Hosley, are shipping worldwide their highly acclaimed breed of African pygmy goats, alongside many other pets, from their farm specializing in raising hand bottle babies, family pets, as well as entire herds.

The couple has been going at it since the year 1982, and over the years, they’ve been responsible for untold happiness and love in many people’s lives. Their innate understanding and experience over the years have certainly contributed to their continued success, but the pygmy goats are certainly the ones the couple want you to focus upon – their pride and most honest accomplishment. To be frank, African pygmy goats appear as very attractive and affirmative pets for such a large amount of people not just because of their ‘cute’ appearance, but also for their personalities, which make them ideal in a home setting. With their experience, the Hosleys don’t go wrong in caring for these animals when they are in the care. So, it is quite evident that international dignitaries, as well as celebrities like actress Megan Fox and football player Terri Bradshaw, have been their most dedicated customers. With time they’ve gathered a dedicated following, and Amber Waves have generated over 350 5-star verified purchase reviews.

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But, their services extend far beyond that- you’ll get the pets with their baby bottles to which they’re used to until you meet them. Moreover, the little pygmy goats are all dehorned, as well as full lifetime support if you are in any doubt or indecisive with them. If the goats are not old enough to be castrated, they could be brought back for the very same reason at a later date. The services at Amber Goats are most definitely targeted to make all concerns of their customers to be properly managed. It is most prominently done with their automatic reminders through email to notify when the pets are due for shots or worming. These can also be easily sought out through appointment and are low cost in relation to almost everything, including, worming, vaccination, and de-hoofing. Any customer also gets taken-care-of registration and a full manual about how to care for them and treat them best at the time of purchase. Moreover, one-on-one education, stud service, midwife service, and boarding are all covered and ensured write exceptionally by them. Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, as Amber Waves Pygmy Goats have received a ton of coverage both in print, as well as in broadcasting.

Amber Waves Pygmy Goats also has to offer Bearded Bantam silkies, as well as Great Pyrenees Livestock Dogs for sale, and all the above-mentioned services also remain relevant across them too. You can check their online portals at, or globally at You can also learn more about them here at       


Amber Waves has been in business since the year 1982, as arguably the world’s most recognized and acclaimed breeder, exporter and broker for African Pygmy Goats. The business is spearheaded by the couple of Jim and Debbie Hosley who have essentially set a precedent in how to hand raise family pets, from any individual one to entire herds. All their goats have essentially negative score in CAE, CL and Johne’s lab report, which indicate their adherence to making sure that their clients are always satisfied. They have also won several awards and certifications over the years, including the National Champion Pygmy Buck Award. Amber Waves also breeds and sells Bearded Bantam silkies and Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dogs. 

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