Have a taste of “Colorful Shaanxi”, Feel the Charm of Shaanxi, China

June 24 23:06 2022

When speaking of colors that represent a city, you might think of the white and blue of Santorini, Greece, the dignified red of Rome, Italy, the white of Tel Aviv, Israel, and the grey and red of Beijing, China. Colors represent the style of a city and manifest the cultural charm of a place. To better show the cultural charm of Shaanxi and boost the brandbuilding of “Colorful Shaanxi”, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism carried out the “Colorful Shaanxi” online marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from 6th to 18th June.


The campaign was focused on the characteristic buildings, cultural relics, and natural landscape of Shaanxi. In March, peach blossoms of Yulin meet with the color of Danqingzi. In October, trees in northern Shaanxi are pigmented with colors such as Chushuxinghuang. Diverse sceneries of Shaanxi in the 12 months a year were introduced and represented by different colors. Shaanxi’s charm was fully manifested in the change of color, such as the Yanhong, Anziyuanhong, and Songshuanglv of cultural relics, the Youcaihuahuang, Ganlanhuanglv, and Canglv of natural landscape, the powerful Xiyanghong, Yanhanhong, and Huoshanzong, as well as the grim Yanlan and Ganglan.

The campaign lasted for 12 days, gaining over 9 million impressions and over 160,000 interactions. Shaanxi was labelled in color with combinations of the 12 months of a year, 12 scenic spots of Shaanxi, and 12 groups of colors with Chinese features. Each group of colors manifested the esthetic taste of Chinese people, the philosophy and wisdom of the ancient East, and the profound historical, cultural accumulation of Shaanxi.

Color is a universal language. In the “Colorful Shaanxi” online campaign, Shaanxi was introduced through colors from a different perspective. The cultural relics, buildings, and stories of Shaanxi were interpreted in the imaginative language of color, which is a meaningful effort in Shaanxi’s overseas marketing process. Shaanxi will keep exploring highlights for communication while expanding modes of communication. It will also keep spreading Chinese culture via overseas social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in the future.

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