Song Writer Bobby Newt: One’s Dream Life Is Not Necessarily Dream Come True

May 26 17:12 2022

It’s not difficult to picture a person at 9, writing their first song, and falling in love with the process. Then, to 15, where they receive a record deal with the hopes that all of their dreams come true. Then, 35 years in the game, 3 grammy nominations in, and with the realization that maybe the life of money and fame isn’t what they wanted. The life of a person envisioned – is singer, song-writer Bobby Newt’s life with a few missing details.

Bobby is from San Francisco, California and was introduced into the industry at a young age. He was a part of “The Newtrons”, alongside his twin, Ronnie Newt, and younger brother, J Valentine. From being groomed by Joe Jackson to being signed by Suge Knight; success was imminent. But, sometimes everything a person wants isn’t everything they need.

Years went by after the initial record deal, years filled with tragedy and success, and a lot of times the mix of the 2 can become toxic. Bobby found himself with all the success and money he thought he wanted but had still found himself restless at night. “According to the world, I was doing great, but I had no peace”. With the death of his twin, years of womanizing, and becoming lost in the world he had nothing left to turn to but God. One day one of Bobby’s most spiritual friends said to him, “you need to try something else”, so he did. He found himself in a church in 2002 and was so moved that day; he started doing the work from that day on. Now he wasn’t perfect, he made plenty of mistakes, but soon learned that’s what trying to be better is all about. He became loyal to his wife, found peace, and is now trying to do God’s work with the gift he was given.

“I feel like there are other people going through these things, and I want them to know that God can change anyone”, Bobby said when asked about why he wants his testimony told.

Bobby Newt has new music coming soon and his new project is encompassing his testimony, a tiny bit of what he’s experienced in life. He is making powerful, Christian music and can’t wait to move the listeners with what’s coming next. Check out one of Bobby’s songs at

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