Dodomoo: A New Style of Voxel Art – Humanized 3D Avatars Are Emerging in The NFT Market

March 10 22:09 2022
Dodomoo: A New Style of Voxel Art - Humanized 3D Avatars Are Emerging in The NFT Market
Dodomoo are distinct 3D Voxel Characters developed for the Metaverse social space, and is an NFT built on the Ethereum blockchain. As major technology giants have entered the metaverse, the game industry has grown at an alarming rate. Simple 2D avatars cannot meet the needs of the metaverse because only 3D characters can move in the virtual world.

Las Vegas, Nevada – March 10th, 2022 – Dodomoo has officially announced the March 28th launch of their highly anticipated NFT that has garnered a lot of buzz since the beginning of their project. The Non-fungible token includes a 3D OBJ file, high resolution, and Lossless Render PNG that can be used in 3D animations, as avatars, in games, and traded as NFT collections. Unlike most NFTs that are basically a piece of digital art that are held by its owner, Dodomoo could gain value quickly because they are characters that can be used and/or sold to other NFT collectors for use within the Metaverse.

Dodomoo NFT comprises different characters, each having its rare and unique attributes. In addition to their character renderings, they have announced a unique plan of launching more humanized characters to the Metaverse community, thus emerging as the first 3D Voxel artwork to move humanity into the Metaverse. As the Metaverse moves into becoming a reality, ordinary people who don’t play games or don’t like robots as social avatars can finally enter the Metaverse with their favorite humanized avatars like Dodomoo.

Dodomoo’s Voxel creation is uncommon and special, with each Character having its expression and discrete personality. Dodomoo’s characters have a truly rich humanity. Clothing designs made with Dodomoo can determine if it is an athlete, artist, student, fashion youth, or entrepreneur etc., The emotions are noticeable from the eyes and are highly impressive.

Voxel art is similar to pixel art but is done in three dimensions. In simple words, a pixel is 2D, while a voxel is 3D. Pixel and Voxel art has become so popular because their simplicity and beauty make them have unique value and immortal vitality.

Dodomoo’s initial launch will see 1,800 NFTs released, while future upcoming phases of Dodomoo’s advancement will usher in another 3600 NFTs to develop Decentraland’s community and animate their characters into films/movies and social games.

In the past voxel characters artwork, only Meebits can be compared with Dodomoo. Meebits is an NFT project created by Larva Labs, the brain behind CryptoPunks. The developers of Meebits wrote, “Let’s assume the CryptoPunks are perfect two-dimensional avatars for Twitter, Discord, and other social networks; we believe that Meetbit can be the third-dimensional avatar for games, virtual worlds, and VR.”

What makes Meebits comparable to Dodomoo is that they both are 3D voxel characters meant to be applied in Metaverse, and can work with VR, game engines, and 3D studios for Virtual worlds, but Dodomoo surpasses Meebits in the humanization of the characters, which may lead the Metaverse characters to a new trend of humanization.  Therefore, Dodomoo will be the top brand in the voxel art space of the future and are the New NFT in 2022.

There are many well-known Metaverse game communities, such as Roblox, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, and Axie Infinity. Among these communities are various characters, including robots, animals, monsters, etc., and many artists gather there to create new characters. Yet, the demand for characters is endless as more and more people are getting in, and they like to have more choices. For any NFT investor, the new Dodomoo NFT seems extremely promising to offer a good return on their money, as they are poised for major growth.

Investors often purchase NFT art that has no value other than its assigned value, whereas character NFTs that can be used within the Metaverse have a better likelihood of raising in value in a shorter time span. Dodomoo is bringing a refreshing feeling to the Metaverse game industry and social community. Their road map shows they have further plans to continue launching more humanized 3D characters and build their social community in the Metaverse.

To acquire the artwork, Dodomoo can be bought on Opensea. When someone buys early from the official sale, usually the floor price can be secured. After the official sale, users can bid from other holders in the secondary market.

Dodomoo’s first series will be released on Opensea on March 28th, 2022.

To learn more about the Dodomoo NFT, visit their official website at




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