The Inside Look of AI FOR PET and HIPPO T&C among 6 winners of the Innovation Award

January 27 22:51 2022
From AI powered pet-care to Smart Inventory Management System, the 6 companies supported by the Korean Institute of Startup Development & Entrepreneurship lead their field in innovation

AI FOR PET was founded in 2020. We’ve created and developed an AI technology-based app service that allows anyone to easily and simply check their pets’ health. Our service, TTcare, is the first AI technology-based mobile app in the world to determine whether disease exists by using pictures of a pets’ eyes or skin. When a user takes a picture of their pet’s eyes or any part of their body with a smartphone, the AI will analyze and tell them whether or not there are any potential eye or skin disease-related symptoms. Users also can record and manage their pet’s health history. Obesity, Behavior, Diet, and everything for their pet’s health care is also provided. TTcare is the first product to be officially approved by the Korean government for “AI-based medical device software for animals”. It validates our technology in terms of the accuracy of the result from TTcare’s AI. Our service helps pets stay healthy and happy with their family for a long time.

HIPPO T&C Inc. is a young but promising digital therapeutics service provider through HIPPO Platform. We, experts from the fields of computer and medicine together research and develop evidence-based software for medical diagnosis and treatment : AttnKare for ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), BlueKare for MDD(Major Depression Disorder), and SmarTinsole for DFU(Diabetic Foot Ulcers). We envision that our digital therapeutics would challenge the world to change medical service paradigm for patient and doctors using modern IT technologies.

AttnKare is a software for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). AttnKare-D collects data while children playing VR missions and diagnoses ADHD symptoms using AI deep learning technique based on global standard diagnosis tools, DSM-5 and ADHD-RS. AttnKare-T is designed to alleviate ADHD symptoms with tablet games and personalized CBT based missions. We also provide AI counseling service for parents.

SmarTinsole is a software with sensors equipped insole to diagnose diabetic foot ulcers early for preventing Syme Amputation. SmarTinsole collects biomarkers from five types of sensors and analyzes using AI engine. It is paired with a mobile app that delivers data to server and reports the monitoring results as well as diabetic related information. SmarTinsole aims to provide digital therapeutics for side-effect-free, convenient use, accurate detection, and low cost.

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