SIDUS HEROES: The new collection is on its way

January 13 14:00 2022

Already got an Original NFT Hero for the SIDUS HEROES game? 

Well, we got news for you! A new collection of Heroes is on its way called the SIDUS ACADEMY NFT collection. And it’s a good one! 

It will be released in January 2022, so check the events calendar and make sure you follow the necessary steps if you want to get your hands on one of these NFTs!

There are 3 NFT collections in total:

1) SIDUS NFT HEROES is a collection of 6,000 unique characters. Having one NFT from the collection, a holder can get an in-game character or a card (a ticket to the game) from SIDUS GENESIS.

2) SIDUS GENESIS is an NFT collection that originates from SIDUS NFT HEROES (old collection). NFTs from the new collection will also have 3 rarity levels that correspond to the initial NFT and come with unique traits. With this card, you can enter the game.

3) SIDUS ACADEMY is a set of NFTs that will transform into in-game characters. Owning NFTs from this collection secures access to the game and its multiple earning opportunities.

Check this SIDUS announcement for more details: Your In-Game Characters Are On the Way 

For those holders of NFTs from SIDUS NFT HEROES (old collection), you can choose between two options:

(1) to get an in-game character as soon as the game is launched, or (2) to get an NFT from the SIDUS GENESIS collection,  another new NFT collection that can later be turned into a playable character. 

The end result is the same, but which option you choose depends on what your goals are. 

Either way, to take advantage of this opportunity, holders of NFT Heroes from the old collection will have to lock their NFTs for a 180-day period. The NFT Hero will remain idle while you get to enjoy the game.

  • If you have an Original NFT Hero (the most common type), you will get a Genesis Common NFT.
  • If you have a Rare NFT Hero (an Original Hero that’s been upgraded to Rare using a special upgrade card), you will get a Genesis Epic playable character.
  • If you’re among the most elite Legendary NFT Heroes, you can claim a Genesis Legendary Hero.

Just a reminder that if you’re still holding onto Rare and/or Legendary upgrade cards, make sure you use them before claiming your playable NFT. Use your upgrade cards on the website and become a Rare or Legendary NFT Hero.

You can also buy NFTs from the new collection. All you have to do is go to the SIDUS HEROES website, use your $SIDUS tokens and purchase one. Depending on the rarity level you desire, the new Heroes’ prices are as follows:

  • 1 Common Academy Hero costs 700 SIDUS TOKENS
  • 1 Epic Academy Hero costs 14,000 SIDUS TOKENS 
  • 1 Legendary Academy Hero costs 140,000 SIDUS TOKENS

During the presale, each user was able to purchase a maximum of 10 Academy NFTs (of any rarity) per wallet.

Rarity of Heroes

There are only 90,000 NFT Heroes in the SIDUS HEROES ecosystem. 85,000 are allocated for Common NFT Heroes, 4,550 for Epic Heroes and only 450 for Legendary ones. With this limited supply, make sure you secure at least one for yourself before they run out.

Remember, only NFT holders will have access to the SIDUS universe, be able to fight in the Arena, exercise power in the Council and farm Loot Boxes bringing exclusive drops, while enjoying many other benefits. 

These NFTs are a direct ticket with which to explore the expanding universe of SIDUS HEROES. 

More information on how the game works can be found in SIDUS’ official blog.






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