Takesha Williams Host of CanTV Show “Are You Ready to Work” Grateful for Friends & Family & The Christmas Season

January 06 22:03 2022

Takesha Marcella Williams started her own Tv show at Can Tv, (Chicago Access Corporation – 1309 S. Wood St, Chicago, IL) in November 2010. The show was on Green St, Chicago, IL. In November, 2009, Ms Williams had to complete a 4 week class to learn how to structure the show. Takesha has been working to make this show a huge Success. And for a show like this to run for over 10 years it is a success.

Ms Williams is grateful for the help and support of Mrs. Earmy Purnell assisting with the TV Show production. Additionally, Ms Williams wishes to thank Mr. Allen Voss as show Director since the show launched in 2009. Takesha contributed to the Television program development at Can TV and recorded new shows to be aired in 2022.

About CanTV

CAN TV is an independent non-profit established in 1983 as the public’s space on cable television free of commercials, filters, and censors.

On five local channels people can see the diversity of people and ideas that reflect Chicago, including voices often excluded from the mainstream media. Takesha had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed her family and friends with wonderful gifts. Takesha was honored with a Certificate from one of the special charities supported and received 44 Christmas cards from the different Charities supported.

The city where neighbors can freely share their passions and talents with one another is the city that works better for everyone.

At the Moment, Takesha works at Pactiv located at 7701 W. 79th Street, Bridgeview IL: https://www.pactiv.com/

Started off as a temp worker, now a full time Pactiv Employee.

About Pactiv

Pactiv is part of Pactiv Evergreen. Pactiv has a long history of bringing reliable innovative packaging to foodservice, food processor, and retail grocery customers. Pactiv offers a broad range of packaging solutions in different materials to meet customer’s needs. Takesha continues to work at Pactiv located at 7701 W 79th Street, Bridgeview Illinois. Takesha remains an influential social media contributing employee at Pactiv.

My full-time job not only helps pay bills, but it helps to keep my TV Show going, “Are You Ready To Work” airing each month at Can TV36 Chicago: https://cantv.org/?s=are+you+ready+to+work%3F

As part of the Fight for $15 movement, the win is that minimum wages increased to $15 dollars an hour in Chicago & other cities. #fightfor15

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