The Heart Of A Poet Is A Literary Book Witten By Terrence Hill. It Is A Collection Of Interesting Short Stories, Plays, Poetry, And Poems

January 05 19:57 2022
The heart of a poet is a humanitarian book that talks about the request of St Paul to incorporate justice and compassion into one’s daily life.

The USA – The heart of a poet is a literary book written by the famous author, Terrence Hill. The book is a compilation of short stories, poems, and plays. The story discusses St Paul’s call for interweaving values such as justice and compassion into one’s daily life. This cry for justice has been heard by many people throughout the centuries but not much has been done about it. The book contains four novellas, two-stage plays, and poetry. ‘Soldier’, ‘Love and Freedom’ and “The next generation’ are a few poems in the book that are admired by the readers. Terry Hill has also written an essay on optimism named ‘The creative porch of optimism’. He has discussed and described what exactly optimism means to him and has given examples of people whom he admires for being optimistic in certain situations. A little Spanish village, Lazarus, Tough Dreams, and Burning Coat are the titles of the novella written by the author. In the title “Heart of the poet”, the poet is an old man who begs for peace and has hope that the goodwill of mankind will listen and abide by his cry. What makes the story intriguing and exciting is the lack of sanity of the main character. The unknown fate of the main character will keep the reader curious about this incredible story.

Terrence Hill, also known as Terry Hill, has made his name known as a Play writer, Poet, and Novelist. The creative community of Palm Springs, California recognizes him as a play writer. He wrote the Histoire de France, wrote for the French Theatre, and has also written plays for the British Theater. Terry was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on the 10th of January 1947. He gained his major education from the University of Madrid, has worked for Thomas Stephen Pools Lloyd of London, and was involved with the University of Heidelberg. He is a veteran war hero who served under the United States Marines. His love for writing made him choose his career as a writer. He was taught in the Marine Corps that everyone was fighting for the same thing that is freedom. Hence, his writing is a reflection of how freedom is important for humans.

The Heart of a Poet is also an expression of this freedom. It is a literary collection of short stories, plays, and poems. It is a loud cry of St Paul begging for a sense of justice and compassion to prevail in our daily lives. The book is available on Amazon for a very reasonable price. The heart of the poet was published by Youcanprint self-publishing on May 1st, 2015. It is a paperback book, written in the English language and consists of 202 pages.

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