From Data to Insights: A way for organizations to make better People decisions is available through eqtble’s HR analytics platform

November 26 04:57 2021
eqtble’s next-generation HR analytics platform empowers organizations to make informed People decisions by giving them real-time, deep-dive data into their workforce from headcount to DEI.

The diversity in HR systems often makes the extraction of valuable insights challenging. These challenges have, over time, prevented favorable and informed decisions, leading to employee dissatisfaction and even attrition. 

With the help of curated insights, companies can understand how they can improve day-to-day interactions between employees. eqtble aims to pick up where competing HR analytics applications fall off by enabling instant curated insights across an organization’s existing HR tools, with no coding required. This solution leads to increased employee satisfaction and productivity, further leading to better financial results for the company.

“I’ve spoken with many people leaders and analytics practitioners over the past years, all facing a common hurdle; the tremendous amount of time and resources it takes to gain meaningful insights from their multiple HR data systems. The ability to extract valuable insights into your organization’s engagement, growth, attrition, and DEI is essential to making smart decisions regarding your employees”, says Joseph Ifiegbu, eqtble founder.

“It is these conversations that inspired us to create eqtble. We aimed to design a lightning-fast people analytics platform that allows you to consolidate HR data from several sources into one system, giving you an overview of your entire company in real-time.”

Unlock the value of HR data

eqtble offers users three unique components built to drive a seamless people analytics journey.

–  Internal and External Benchmarks
–  Speed to insight
–  Data Cleanliness

In an article, Joseph explains how unnecessary it is for companies to spend up to $40,000 to access data sets that allow them to compare their internal metrics with external benchmarks; hence, why eqtble delivers these insights within the tool. The tool is also designed to identify resource requirements through distinct visualizations that make decisions based on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion easier.

Speed to insight is another critical factor that eqtble addresses. Spreadsheets and multiple dashboards are gradually fading out, and visual overload adds more salt to the injury. With eqtble’s ‘ask the analyst’ feature, users can quickly ask specific questions and get real answers all within the tool. In addition, following through on tasks is simplified through eqtble’s advanced goal-setting features – providing HR professionals with the insights needed to set and monitor HR objectives to completion.

Errors are another inevitable challenge that comes with data analysis. Due to most HR systems’ process limitations, data processes are mostly garbage in, garbage out, leaving room for errors.

With eqtble’s rule-based data health tool, inaccurate data are easily captured and fixed in real-time.

People analytics made easy

eqtble automatically integrates with over 100 HR and human capital management systems, with no technical knowledge required.

eqtble’s AI-powered HR analytics platform works to help organizations take employee engagement to another level by tackling potential issues before they become actual issues. The platform identifies and analyses data into clear visuals to enable HR professionals to present reports that subsequently help the brand grow.

“When people know that you’re listening, that you care, they’ll be motivated to do their best for you,” concludes Joseph.


eqtble was founded by Joseph Ifiegbu and his team of pioneering data scientists and software engineers. The company is on a mission to transform HR analytics for organizations across the globe, empowering them to make better-informed people decisions through access to real-time insights into their most valuable resource – their workforce. eqtble is actively monitored by Vanta to ensure it remains SOC 2 compliance.

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