Rapid Training Academy Takes Praise As It Builds A Community By Expanding Their Top Training Academy, Which Now Offers E-Racing and Private Pilot License Training

November 22 16:48 2021

Rapid Training Academy (RTA) is praised by students as a top training academy that has expanded its training classes. These new courses include E-racing (RTA Movers) and private pilot license training with flight sim and real flight training called RTA Flyers.

With the E-Racing club, E-racers can improve and test their skills. The courses offered at the E-Racing Club offer E-Racers that have Assetto Corsa or iRacing to participate in bi-monthly competition races. Further, these races will be streamed online in the Chicagoland area and participating venues. 

Also known as RTA Movers, the E-Racing team attracts serious E-racers. Thus, there is an annual membership dues payment. To be a part of RTA Movers, interested persons must be at least 21 years old and have one sponsor. RTA Movers will provide the sponsor the opportunity to put their logo on the e-racers racing car for advertising purposes for an additional cost.  E-racers interested in RTA Movers are also required to complete the Assetto Corsa Silverstone GP track under 4:30 for two laps in a Nissan GT-R GT3. RTA Mover’s membership comes with a wide range of benefits, including 50% off all Training Class offered by Rapid Training Academy, ability to participate in all RTA racing competitions, advance scheduling, and 10% off all participating restaurants.

What to be a pilot? RTA understands that it is quite an expense for pilots to receive their licenses. Hence, the training academy is set to make things very easy with its simulator that saves pilots money. This savings is since 20 flight hours required for licensure can be completed in RTA’s simulator with its Certified Flight Instructor. Also, PPL’s can practice takeoff and landing procedures at different airports with RTA. Pilots also have the opportunity to fly in various weather conditions. Additionally, RTA also caters to clients that have DCS who are looking to fly a P-51 in WW2 reenactments or an F-18 for their upcoming annual virtual airshow. 

Rapid Training Academy‘s purpose is to provide cost-effective courses for students to practice more to improve their skills. RTA focuses on delivering training that is entertaining as well as educating. The team also ensures that learners get trained in a safe environment where they can practice dangerous situations.

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