Stage directors finally find the ultimate cue to stage Shakespeare violence with “Staging Shakespeare’s Violence”

November 22 16:09 2021
“Staging Shakespeare’s Violence” is the first and only book to date that offers a technical breakdown on portraying and staging violence in Shakespearean plays.

New York, NY – November 22, 2021 – A signature hallmark of Shakespearean classics, violence, has always pulled in crowds in waves to the stages. However, ask any Shakespearean director about the most difficult parts of staging these legendary works and most of them would unanimously agree on the struggles of processing and executing Shakespearean violence on stage. But, finally, Shakespearean directors can heave a sigh of relief. For the FIRST time ever, a new book, “Staging Shakespeare’s Violence”, has taken up the baton to offer a professional guide on the process of staging violence for The Bard’s iconic plays. 

Staging Shakespeare’s Violence: My Cue To Fight: Domestic Fury” is written by Seth Duerr and Jared Kirby. The book is already raising a storm in the theater literary world and is currently bustling with rave reviews and a stellar 4.5 on 5 stars on Amazon.  

It’s a beautiful piece of book production with many fascinating and well-chosen illustrations.  It will be of great value, especially to theatre practitioners.” – Prof. Stanley Wells 

As an emergency medicine physician with a prior life in the theater- this book brings together the art of staging violence in ways that are medically and historically authentic. Kudos to the authors on doing such a thorough treatment of the relevant scenes. As a reference – this book is top shelf and a must-have for any Shakespeare directors or fight choreographers. But the authors go above and beyond mere encyclopedic knowledge of fight staging to bring a wit and humor to the book that makes this a rather fun page turner as well!” – Amazon user 

While Seth is a leading actor and director of Shakespearean plays, his fellow Equity member Jared is a professional combat director for both stage and screen productions. 

“While violence is integral and one of the hallmark elements of Shakespeare’s plays, the challenge begins when you are a director endowed with the onus to choreograph the violence for a production. A major reason is that there is no clear direction on how to realistically stage those emotions or brutality in the plays. There has never been a guidebook to stage all the violence, until now”, stated the authors.

“Our new book, ‘Staging Shakespeare’s Violence’, is the very FIRST book of its kind to offer an elaborate dissection on portraying the physical violence and brutality in Shakespearean plays.” 

Essentially written for directors, actors, and fight directors, the book provides a scene-by-scene technical breakdown on how to stage combat in Shakespearean theatrical productions.  

“This book is not just about offering one way to stage violence for Shakespearean plays. Rather, our aim with the book is to inspire creative ways to incorporate violence into the production.” 

About the authors

Seth Duerr 

The Artistic Director and founder of The York Shakespeare Company, Seth Duerr has directed and /or appeared in 34 Shakespearean productions. He holds membership with esteemed theatrical bodies like SAG-AFTRA, Actors’ Equity Association as well as Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers.  

Jared Kirby 

A Western Martial Arts and Combat expert for Stage & Screen for nearly three decades, Jared Kirby has choreographed fights in various productions Off-Broadway, both nationally and internationally. He also teaches in NYC. A veteran Fight Coordinator, Kirby has done projects with the likes of Cameron Douglas, Steve Guttenberg, Peter Sarsgaard, and so on. He is an active member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity Association. 

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