Discusses Some Helpful Tips for Video Email Marketing

November 19 08:27 2021 Discusses Some Helpful Tips for Video Email Marketing

Companies that send out emails to customers often overlook a valuable tool. They neglect to include a video in their message and may miss out on sales as a result. Video remains extremely popular with consumers for a variety of reasons. Using this type of media in an email increases viewer engagement and conversions. The following methods are some unique ways to do so easily. 

Bonus Content

Consider sharing unique content only with email subscribers or give them an early viewing of a video that is about to be released. When they receive this content, they feel valued and will check their email more often to ensure they don’t miss out on anything. Furthermore, the emails may be used to share information about the company’s values or things of that nature. 

Use email to educate consumers on topics of importance to them. Although the emails may not lead to a sale, they remain of great importance. They share information about the company that may play a role in a future buying decision and can provide more info to the target audience.


If a person starts a video and doesn’t finish it for any reason, consider sending the full clip to them through email. This may encourage them to complete the viewing and make a purchase. In fact, the CTR often goes up because customers feel important when this technique is used. Companies like Idomoo can be of assistance if one is struggling to personalize video email marketing in a way that delivers the desired results. 


According to, consumers love learning more about company culture through video email marketing. Record employees using products offered by the company, as this shows how individuals within the company relate to the average viewer. However, the marketing doesn’t have to be this blatant. Embed a product page in a video thumbnail and show how the product adds value to the consumer on a daily basis. This also provides excellent results. 


Announce an upcoming event and get people excited about it with the help of a video embedded in an email. Record the event as it takes place and share the recap or highlights with email subscribers. Both methods help to increase interest in future events the company holds. 

Product Launch

Launch a new product with the help of a video delivered via email. Have people test the product and record themselves. Consumers love seeing the products in action when determining if they are right for their needs. Announce the product before its launch to get people excited about it and tell their family and friends about what is coming. This is why many businesses consider VIDEO CONTENT: A TRADE SHOW MARKETING MUST-HAVE


Add a video to each email newsletter sent. Video can be used in these newsletters in a variety of ways. Help subscribers catch up on things they may have missed or share popular videos from within the industry. A business doesn’t have to create videos to benefit from this marketing technique. However, remember to share the owner of the video to avoid problems with other organizations. 

Discover creative ways to incorporate video into an overall marketing plan. Companies that do so see great results. With the technique, businesses can boost revenue, generate more interest, and engage existing customers.

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