Explains How To Create a Custom Book To Memorialize a Loved One

November 19 07:51 2021 Explains How To Create a Custom Book To Memorialize a Loved One

Helping people remember a loved one who passed can be challenging. Sometimes, they find it difficult to speak of this person. However, they wish to treasure the memories of times they had together. A tribute memory book serves as an excellent way to accomplish this goal. 

When creating a custom book of this type, bring together photos and words to honor this person and ensure their legacy lives on. Online-based memorial sites serve as an alternative but tend to be transitory. The tribute memory book is a tangible item the person can hold. How does one go about creating this book? For more information, go to the website

Gather Memories

Speak with loved ones of the deceased to gather memories for inclusion in the book. As one gathers these memories, new ones will come to mind that can be shared with others through the custom book. Focus on finding the special moments in that person’s life, things that make him or her stand out from others. Also include their admirable traits and what made people love them so much. 

Choose Photos

Find photos that have a story behind them, as the photo will bring this story to mind and allow people to share other stories of the deceased. Each photo included in the book should evoke emotions. Combine formal portraits with candid shots, but keep the focus on the candid pictures that showed the person as they lived every day. 

Structure the Book

Determine whether the focus of the book should be photos or stories about the deceased. Although both will be shared in the book, people tend to make one or the other the highlight. Decide whether to include personal letters and journal entries belonging to the loved one or share recipes they passed down through the generations. According to, the ideas are endless when creating a book of this kind.

Many people choose to include a list of questions they wish they had asked this person. They then see if anyone had asked each question and include the answers in the book, so everyone can learn more about the person they loved.  With this addition, the tribute will quickly fall into the category of The 50 Best Book Lover Gifts for Bookworms of All Ages

Create the Page Layouts

Many sites today offer help creating page layouts. Use these sites to create the perfect book, one that does justice to the life that has passed. Visual elements are of great importance in a book of this type, so don’t throw pictures in haphazardly. The right layout provides the book with visual appeal and will encourage people to pull it out often to browse through the memories. 

Print the Book

Turn to Printivity for help in printing the book. With many options to select from today, a person may become overwhelmed by the choices. Staff members become of great help in determining which options are appropriate for the book that is being printed.

Don’t wait until a loved one has passed before beginning the process of creating this book. Talk with them now and ask how they want to be remembered. This information becomes of great help when the time comes to create the book. One can ensure their legacy is passed down in a way they are comfortable with when beginning the process while they are alive. They will love knowing that their memory will live on when they are gone and will happily share information. 

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