Explains Some of the Benefits of Choosing Moissanite Rings as Engagement Rings

November 19 05:30 2021 Explains Some of the Benefits of Choosing Moissanite Rings as Engagement Rings

Men and women typically associate engagement rings with diamonds. However, those individuals have another choice today that should not be overlooked. Many people today choose a Moissanite ring for a variety of reasons. They love not only its beauty but also its sustainability and affordable price. Before purchasing a ring of this type, however, people must know the following things. One should read “What You Should Know About the Moissanite Rings for Engagement?

It’s Not a Diamond

Moissanite is a gemstone different from a diamond. It comes with its own sparkle, hardness, and chemical makeup. The sparkle tends to be more colored than the sparkle seen with diamonds. Diamonds come in at 10 on the hardness scale, while Moissanite comes in at 9.25. In addition, diamonds come from pure carbon, while Moissanite is a carbon silicate. As a result, the Moissanite repels more dirt and oil than diamonds. 

Furthermore, Moissanite can be cut to the owner’s desired shape and size, as it is man-made. Natural diamonds don’t offer this option. Men and women love the flexibility they receive when they choose this gemstone for their engagement ring. Learn more here at this article source.


As with diamonds, Moissanite comes in different grades. Initially, all Moissanite stones came with a yellowish-green tint. That is no longer the case. Today, consumers find they can purchase Moissanite stones that are colorless or nearly colorless. They resemble an E-color diamond if they are colorless. Those with some color resemble an H-colored diamond.


The original Moissanite stones have no resale value, as people don’t appreciate the yellowish-green color. Nevertheless, colorless and near-colorless stones have resale value if they are gently used. Furthermore, the market for these stones continues to increase, according to 


Men and women love that Moissanite offers them a sustainable option. The hardness of the stone ensures it will last forever. Furthermore, they appreciate knowing that workers didn’t have to mine for the stones, making this an ethical choice as well as a sustainable one. 

Identifying a Moissanite Engagement Ring

Individuals find they can easily identify a Moissanite engagement ring thanks to the fire seen in the stone. Furthermore, the facets double when viewed from the side. If the ring has equal amounts of white and colored light, it is a Moissanite. 


One reason some people choose a Moissanite engagement ring from a company such as  Gema & CO is the price. They love how affordable this option is when compared to diamonds. A person can get a significantly bigger gemstone and still pay less than they would for an equivalent diamond. They then choose the appropriate setting and any desired side stones. This allows every buyer to remain within their budget while still getting a ring they love and want to wear every day. 

If one plans to purchase an engagement ring in the near future, look into Moissanite options. Many people find they can combine this man-made stone with recycled metals to get a ring they feel comfortable wearing every day. They know they have made an ethical and sustainable choice while still getting a piece they truly love. As a result, they get the best of both worlds.

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