Abigail Hu Excelling at Multiple Artistic Disciplines

October 26 19:57 2021
Abigail Hu Excelling at Multiple Artistic Disciplines

Building a name for oneself in one discipline of art can be a daunting challenge. But multi-practice expert Abigail Hu takes the challenge several knots higher by excelling in multiple expressions of creativity. As a highly-celebrated painter, published author, and budding singer and songwriter, Abigail has it all. And she’s ready to showcase to the world what beauty and experience she has to offer. 

Abigail Spenser Hu was born in China but would later move to Canada, where she spent most of her childhood. Later on, she would move to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in the arts. Growing up, the artist always had a natural affinity to anything creative. She felt drawn to art and heed its call, deciding from an early age that art would become her life. Abigail Hu started learning all that she could about the history of the creative arts and design, taking that knowledge to form a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to bring beauty to life. 

The Los-Angeles based artist employs her deep understanding of the world through various creative ventures. On top of being a high-demand oil painter on commission, she has also written and published multiple songs and a book entitled “The Millennials Handbook.” But beyond her writing and music, it’s her art that is on another level. 

Abigail Hu is best known in international art circles for her ability to create abstract pieces that speak powerfully to the soul. Her work is far from random. Collectors and enthusiasts boast of spiritual experiences when diving into her paintings. Abigail paints with an end in mind and always seeks collaboration with the painter, the material, and canvas. She brings all elements into an agreement to form a piece that transcendentally speaks to its audience and honors the space it holds.

Exposed to the deep and spiritual at an early age, Abigail seeks nothing less than spiritual awakenings through her art. For the celebrated painter, art is but a gateway to the unknown realms that give people a better understanding of our existence and things beyond the tangible and seen. Bringing together her Chinese, Canadian, and American Heritage, Abigail Hu creates an art exhibition that speaks to various cultures and people groups. 

Apart from her work in the fine arts, Abigail also thrives as a fashion and space designer. Her fashion work is described as chique and whimsy, bringing the feminine identity into what can only be called sacred space. Various dialogues have taken place about her work in publications and fashion circles, cited many times by other designers in the local scene. As a space designer, she also brings a physical space to life.

Abigail Hu is quick to give props to her family, citing her family vital to her success. The artist also actively seeks out mentorship from more prominent painters and creatives. Apart from her creative work in art, design, and music, Abigail is also a travel vlogger who regularly documents and showcases her many travels. Her YouTube channel currently holds over 23,900 subscribers and has gathered over 338,000 views. 

Abigail looks forward to creating more commissioned artworks and leveling up her art to greater levels. Check out Abigail Spencer Hu’s Instagram account or YouTube channel to witness her work and follow her journey.

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