Histobiolab Develops Extensive Chromosome Analysis to Accelerate Molecular Biology and Histopathology Research

October 22 04:12 2021
Histobiolab announced the release of its comprehensive chromosome analysis to accelerate molecular biology and histopathology research.

New York, USA – October 21, 2021 – Histobiolab, the division of Creative Bioarray, focuses on developing cutting-edge technologies and satisfactory services in order to facilitate the research in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology etc. With a wide range of high quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture medium and reagents, Histobiolab will be able to develop and perform flexible custom-designed experiments. Recently, Histobiolab announced the release of its comprehensive chromosome analysis to accelerate molecular biology and histopathology research.

The purpose of molecular pathology is to elucidate the mechanism of disease by identifying changes in molecules and pathways. Currently, there is an increasing demand for information on tumor subtypes, prognosis, treatment response, and molecular therapy targets. These needs are increasingly being covered by molecular pathology and require more extensive methods. Many of these molecular pathology methods rely on the use of labeled antibodies and nucleic acid probes, whether based on slides or liquids. These methods include polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA and RNA sequencing, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), and gene array analysis.

Creative Bioarray provides the most advanced molecular pathology services on multiple high-throughput testing platforms, including the preparation of DNA, RNA and protein from a large number of samples for molecular detection, massively parallel sequencing, Sanger sequencing, gene expression analysis and quantification Polymerase chain reaction.

Creative Bioarray has extensive expertise in chromosome analysis, including analysis of live animals and mature adult and embryonic stem cell lines, which can help determine the genetic contribution to a range of medical and/or developmental problems. In addition, the experienced team uses brightfield and fluorescence techniques in tissues and cells to provide ISH services. Multiple ISH can also be used to locate two or more probes in the same sample, imaging the entire slide, and ISH quantification.

With the most advanced platform, Histobiolab has the ability to provide customers with comprehensive PCR services. The professionals will manage the entire PCR service workflow and provide reliable data in a timely and cost-effective manner. Histobiolab provides molecular pathology services with complete flexibility, providing customers with cost-effective one-stop solutions, and a variety of array formats to meet different needs. The experienced technicians handle various research and clinical sample types.

“Creative Bioarray is a leading biotechnology company that provides a full range of services to develop high-quality products and services for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, “Creative Bioarray has always been committed to helping our customers accelerate life science research, solve complex analytical challenges, and improve laboratory productivity.”

About Histobiolab

As a mature division of Creative Bioarray, Histobiolab definitely will be the ideal and reliable innovation partner in research endeavors. With the support of professional scientists and years of experience, we are capable to provide a knowledgeable, collaborative and flexible service to our clients so as to accelerated drug development and improved research quality for worldwide projects.

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