British Technocrat and Entrepreneur takes on Amazon and eBay

October 14 20:06 2021

A British tech businessman recently issued a warning to global online shopping giants Amazon and eBay after launching a new site designed to revolutionize how small businesses operate.

Tej Randeva has targeted the ‘big boys’ of the e-commerce industry by changing things up when he launched Add to Cart, a new shopping platform that he hopes will be a great tool – and a lifeline – for small and independent businesses in their time of need.

Cardiff-based Tej believes so much in his new venture that he has committed around £250,000 of his personal fortune to set up the site and all the online marketing support it needs to get it off the ground.

“Add to cart is expected to disrupt the e-commerce space and companies like Amazon and eBay better be careful. After being so badly hit by COVID in recent years, it’s time to take a closer look at small businesses, including my own online service site.

“Independent e-commerce entrepreneurs have struggled to generate enough revenue in such a competitive and rapidly evolving industry. There are many experts who are passionate about their craft, but they don’t know the first thing when it comes to running online marketing and how to drive traffic into their sites. Also, they might not have the luxury of hundreds and thousands of pounds one might need to spend on marketing strategies, SEO, and pay-per-click campaigns in order to boost orders.

“I decided to fall back on my technology background and experience and online software development team to build something that can lend small businesses a helping hand and help them prosper without the costly marketing campaigns or any other hurdles to their success,” Tej added. gives small business owners a chance to register their website free of charge and sync their online catalog with existing e-commerce platforms like Shopify. From there, they can just let Add to Cart do all the hard work while they focus on the important task of growing their business.

Entrepreneurs who sign up will enjoy Add to Cart’s online presence as well as social media marketing campaigns without any added cost. They will also benefit from being ranked on all major search engines like Google and Bing within 24 hours. Add to Cart only charges 10% of each sale which businesses only pay upon receiving orders.

As of writing this article, Add to Cart already has over 100 businesses registered with approximately 80,000 products listed on its site.

Tej Rundeva also runs, one of the UK’s leading price comparison sites for rental services. He stated, “Our members not only get all of their online marketing support upfronts and free of charge, but they also have access to customer data to help them develop their own marketing campaigns and to retain their customers in the long term.”

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