Egypt-based Egbto rolls out an innovative, game-changing eCommerce platform to help store owners succeed

October 12 22:39 2021
Egbto launches a platform that offers a means for vendors to manage their stock, sales, marketing items and get paid easily right from their dashboard or the Egbto mobile app. It aims to rival the likes of any marketplace, especially in terms of the size of potential profits compared to the marketing costs.

Egypt-based Egbto has rolled out an innovative and unique social eCommerce platform that allows store owners and online businesses to quickly get paid online and easily manage all the procedures – from posting items all the way to collecting payments.

“While there are a lot of platforms and mobile apps out there that have efficient tools for managing product listings, only a few come with a seamless listing from the app directly. Often, getting the money that store owners have earned from their sales can be quite a tedious and lengthy process, which should not be the case. That’s where EGBTO comes into the picture,” a company representative said in a statement. 

“The purpose of any store owners is to make a profit through sales. However, the lack of physical stores decreases their sales. So, to give them the ability to compete online, they need to build a website with a digital marketing & ads campaign. EGBTO does all of that for all physical store owners with a very low price compared to making a digital marketing plan,” the representative adds. The platform provides a yearly subscription plan at a very competitive price.

As a social media alternative, Egbto allows sellers to sell their products targeting a specific area, city, country, or globally with minimal effort and cost, making it an exceptional online platform for small businesses

By signing up, store owners get increased opportunities for sales and branding, strong brand trustworthiness, no marketing costs at the beginning, transaction fees as low as 3%, and order management and fulfillment.

Store owners do not need marketing campaigns or ads with the eCommerce platform in place. They get to have an easy-to-use account dashboard, and their company’s name and brand are available right away on the platform.

“Egbto offers increased efficiency, a convenient eCommerce sales channel, and huge potential upside with no downside risks,” the representative said. 

Sellers can choose among Egbto’s available plans – Free, Platinum, Titanium, and Save Big Plan. 

Meanwhile, Egbto stressed that this is just a kickstart of benefits. There are a lot of helpful features set to come out every month to help people succeed.

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