Here are Some Exciting Details from the Recently Released Short Film, ‘NBA Lane’

October 08 13:20 2021
Celebrate 75 years of NBA greatness right here.

In commemoration of the greats and the legends that have walked, leaped, and ran through the NBA hard floor in the past 75 years, the National Basketball Association premiered the three-minute film, NBA Lane.

Taking cues from the main title, the film is set in a fictional neighborhood where NBA legends, from past to current, reside. It starts off with the superstar actor Michael B. Jordan driving a “Hoop Bus” that takes his passengers on a tour around the area. Along the way, they will meet extraordinary figures that have helped uphold the NBA ideal, in an ordinary community set-up, doing ordinary chores. But if one looks closely, they will catch on to the not-so-subtle film traces that tell the story of how these players shaped the culture and legacy of the longest-running basketball league in the world.

Here are just five of the most exciting details in the NBA Lane that fans should look out for:

1. In case one missed it, Logoman appeared as the morning clouds in the first three seconds of the film.

2. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird’s street addresses were #32 and #33 and living literally across the street from each other. This is an obvious tie-in to their well-known rivalry from way back.

3. The previous Triple-Double holder Oscar Robertson enjoying siesta time at #181 NBA Lane, reading a newspaper with the cover story of Russell Westbrook breaking his one hundred and eighty-one Triple-Double record.

4. Who would ever forget the iconic rocking chair the Lakers gifted Kareem Abdul-Jabar on the night he bid farewell to his professional basketball career? On one quick break, the passengers watched him paying it forward while sitting comfortably on his retirement chair.

5. As a tribute to the Black Mamba, Devin Booker pulls up to a Kobe Bryant giant mural on the street featuring the “Be Legendary” quote that Bryant signed on Booker’s shoes.

And there are many more hints within the three-minute mark. Truly, the NBA has molded the way the current generation plays—and it will keep on doing so for the generations to come. 

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