Renowned Pastry Chef Yhon Alex Piñeros Creates Artistic Pastry Sculptures

August 03 01:51 2021
By Bred Carlson

Yhon Alex Piñeros, the reputed pastry chef from Colombia, has conquered the hearts of the people of North America with his amazing creativity and artistic expressions. He has been bringing Colombian culture to the world’s palate.

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“I strive to bring the intense tones of the Colombian pastry to the world,” says Yhon Alex Piñeros about his creations. “I love to work with fluorescent colors and delicate shapes to create wonderful pastry art.

Yhon Alex Piñeros is a young SENA graduate who has made Colombian culture famous and brought it to the global center stage. He started experimenting with flavor and art early in his life and created his first cake when he was only nine. The artistic ingenuity comes from his father and grandfather. He created pastries with the same passion as they did. His cakes have emotions and he treats them as souvenirs. He first did it in Colombia and then moved his dream to the United States.

Yhon Alex, his wife Enmanuelle and Ana María, Juana and Manuela, his three daughters, arrived in Durham, North Carolina, United States, with the ambition of starting their own bakery. They began their business on a small scale with a meager investment. However, despite working long hours and putting in loads of effort, they didn’t earn much.

However, their Colombian resourcefulness kept them going and soon they launched the “La Castellana” cake, a delicacy flavored with tres leches, passion fruit, and arequipe.

“People started coming from many neighboring towns because of the cake’s unique and explosive flavor and because many say it tastes like Bogotá. Everything can be combined with imagination, discipline, and passion,” says the famous pastry chef.

The creative talent of Yhon Alex kept the show going and he demonstrated it amply by participating in the national pastry selection in Colombia. He was ranked first in various competitions such as the Louis Lessafre Cup: “Dead mass sculpture” (Made from flour, glucose and salt dough) and in the Asocolchef Competition: “Sculpture in sugar “for the Coup Du Monde de la Patisserie in Paris, France.

At present Yhon Alex has two patisseries that he identifies as “those of the Colombian cakes” and in which other Latin Americans including Colombians, Hondurans, Mexicans, and Peruvians work.

In the next few days, Yhon Alex will be launching his third patisserie with a very particular name called ‘La Machetuna’ The name has been specifically chosen to honor his ancestors, who inspire him in a big way. It is also a way of letting others know the Colombian culture.

“I want to bring Colombian products to the United States and for this reason, I am working on having Colombian coffee in all my bakeries,” emphasized the renowned pastry chef.

Besides coffee, Yhon Alex imports specialized pastry products to the United States from Colombia; He also created fluorescent colored dyes that give the cakes a deeper intensity. It is the unique signature design of this outstanding sugar artist.

Yhon Alex has also written the book “My pastry course” which has earned five stars on Amazon. In the next few days, he will be working on editing the second part of this publication that will be more related to chocolate preparations.

Customers visit the patisseries of Yhon Alex, not only to savor the delicious combinations from Colombia but to see the intense colors of their cakes. They are fascinated by the imposing sugar sculptures that crown them and the chocolate that highlights their cakes like a canvas painting.


Yhon Alexander Piñeros is the owner of the company La Chocolatera. The business specializes in two areas. The first is the production of very exclusive pieces of chocolates distributed to different pastry shops and hotels in Bogotá and Colombia. The other is the importation of products such as fluorescent and pearly colors, chocolate, sugar, and Isomalt, a special sugar to make different sculptures. Yhon is also the Pastry Chef of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris Latin America and professor of the Artisan Bakery Pastry in Sculptures specialization at the Mariano Moreno School of Gastronomy.

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