A Morebis and Devtorium Announcing a Merger to Bring Together the Power of AI and Digital Marketing

August 02 16:52 2021
Morebis, an innovative software provider, and Devtorium, a company with a full range of consulting services and a unique AI AaaS platform, announced a merger to bring more powerful full-spectrum solutions to their customers.

Morebis is a team of 200+ experts who embrace innovation and create custom software solutions that exceed customer expectations. Some of Morebis products helped their customers achieve great heights, including a 10x team performance improvement for a sports app. A product developed for a vehicle insurance provider reduced the purchase time to 2 minutes and a solution for a beauty business helped to bring up the appointment show rate to 91%.  Over the years, the company has worked with many customers ranging from startups with great potential to large, well-established enterprises, and numbers speak for themselves. Development teams from Morebis have always gone above and beyond to ensure that every solution they create is efficient, scalable, and provides the most value.

Devtorium is a fast-growing startup with an ambition to revolutionize the world of AI for SWOT and PESTEL analysis. Its unique SaaS platform, Marquètte, aims to provide users with actionable insights built on a wide range of high-quality data. In addition, Devtorium delivers a full spectrum of digital marketing services. Therefore, its customers can answer their questions and use the insights to build a strategy to propel their businesses to new heights.

With this merger, the teams of Morebis and Devtorium will combine their talents and deliver all-in-one solutions that will help their customers succeed. The companies will unite under the name Devtorium, taking its original SaaS AI platform to a new level. Already, Marquètte can provide valuable insights across a variety of industries. Powered by the experience and skill of Morebis developers, the platform is guaranteed to keep excelling.

Meanwhile, Devtorium digital marketing experts will use the insights provided by the platform to turn them into actionable strategies for their customers’ development. The result is a product that will enable any business to reach its ultimate goals, no matter what those are.

That is the beauty of Marquètte and solutions from the new Devtorium. The technology is customizable to the highest degree. Therefore, it can be set up to provide high-value insights to any customer, regardless of their niche.

The digital revolution marches forward relentlessly and in order to stand out today every business requires top-grade data. Machine and deep learning technologies used in creating Marquètte enable it to provide insights that meet the user’s demands to the letter. Consequently, any company using this platform will be able to develop a data-driven strategy perfectly tailored to its needs. Furthermore, implementing it will give the customer a chance to realize the full potential of their business.

Morebis and Devtorium have very similar values of working with top talent and using the best tech to achieve incredible custom-tailored results for their customers. The renewed Devtorium shall build further on that. Its core values include complete dedication to customers and enabling top talents to make their vision a reality. Building a bridge between the customer, talented developers, and marketers is the company’s mission. It pledges to consistently deliver value and stay at the cutting edge of technology and marketing innovation.

About Morebis:

Morebis is a software development company delivering a wide range of products and services, including UI/UX design and digital marketing. It’s a team of highly qualified experts who hold SAFe, HIPAA, Microsoft, TQM, PECB, CAP, and CMMI certifications. Morebis uses the principles of agile development and collaborates closely with its customers to create bespoke solutions.

About Devtorium:

Devtorium is a creator of an outstanding SaaS AI platform Marquètte that uses NLP, RPA, unsupervised learning, and neural networking. This product is capable of performing a thorough SWOT and PESTEL analysis providing actionable insights on any topic. The company also offers full-lifecycle product development and comprehensive content marketing services.

The merger will create a new Devtorium with eight offices across three countries and many combined decades of expert experience in product development, marketing, and stellar customer service.

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