Mandana, Los Angeles Newest Socialite Radiates the “East Meets West” Aesthetic, Shares Artistic and Personal Journey

March 09 02:15 2021
She shares a glimpse of her life, including the challenges, the glamour and the well-rounded lifestyle.

Socialite and philanthropist Mandana uses her brand and influence to inspire girls and women in Eastern countries to follow their dream.

Mandana’s brand embraces the “East meets West” concept. She was raised with Eastern family culture while getting lots of Western influences from spending her summers and holidays in Los Angeles. Deciding to go for what she wants to do in life was a feat for Mandana. She expresses that it is not easy to be a modern Middle Eastern girl because people easily make judgments on their decisions.

Even though Mandana had her own business on real estate in the Middle East, she felt she was always in the shadow of men. And even though she has started her interior design firm and accomplished some renowned projects both in Tehran and Dubai, there was still something in her that strived for more success and independence — something many women can relate to.

In a life filled with glamor, there were still moments that were not always picture perfect. Some very few may already know her story, but it’s the first time she is sharing a glimpse into her toughest moments in life publicly. There were unpleasant secrets that nobody knew.

“No matter how dark a situation is in your private life, no matter how many of the closest people to you betray you, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your head up and focus on your goals. Remember that true power comes from within. Nobody can take that away from you. The biggest mistake is to stop chasing your dreams to help someone else’s insecurities,” said Mandana.

Mandana’s journey to self-healing began by helping out others who were in similar situations but even less fortunate than her. Throughout the past few years, Mandana followed her father’s charitable footsteps and expanded in helping women who had similar experiences as her.

“The only way I felt I could heal, was to be around those in situations that were similar to mine, but less fortunate. There is a sense of healing that began inside of me hearing other women’s stories and situations that I no longer felt alone. I had an image to keep. I showed nothing but a happy face always. But being around others in similar situations, I knew that this time I am in control. And if I have anything to do with it, I will make sure that these women do not wait to get out of the situation,” she continued.

Going public was not an easy endeavor for Mandana. Even those who have an endearing true love for her like her father could not see eye to eye with her decision, but she stood by her beliefs. She is coming out publicly as an image for so many young girls to follow. She wants them to see that in life, as much as it seems like someone can have it all, there will be downfalls. But that only inspires strength.

She has continued her career now in various avenues, including property and financial investments, and is currently in the process of turning a lifelong passion for beauty into reality. She has been secretly working on this for the past year and is so excited to soon announce much exciting news about her projects.

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Mandana is a socialite, philanthropist, women’s rights advocate, model and interior design artist.

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