Industrial-Grade Rubber Sheets Have Many Uses and Benefits

March 05 13:06 2021
Industrial-Grade Rubber Sheets Have Many Uses and Benefits

When it comes right down to it, rubber sheets aren’t something that many people give a whole lot of thought to. Rubber sheets, whether they are large or small, thick or thin, can serve a lot of purposes though. Not only that, but they can be put to use in many industries including marine, defense, automotive, and many more. 

One of the most exciting things about sheet rubber is that it can be purchased in many sizes, thicknesses, and types. So, when it comes time to select something for your particular application, finding the right product is not difficult especially at In fact, in many cases, it’s not a matter of what, but which.

Giving it Thought

One of the problems with sheet rubber is that many people don’t often consider it when it comes time to determine what is best for use in a given application. You might think of it as one more application of Occam’s Razor: The simplest solution is usually the correct one. Unfortunately, it’s true. When it comes time, for example, to create a method of moving a product in a conveyor, the answer is usually found in complicated machinery such as rollers and other methods of conveyance. With sheet rubber, on the other hand, not only is the solution faster and easier, but it’s less expensive. 

Another interesting characteristic of sheet rubber is as easy as it is to use for a method of conveyance and other applications, it can also be used just as easily for flooring and much more. Interestingly, when used as a floor covering, sheet rubber serves as a method of reducing vibration and is anti-slip. And, just as easily, sheet rubber helps to prevent problems associated with static electricity and other electrical issues.

Nothing But the Best

When it comes to sheet rubber, there are few companies that even come close to the selection and service provided by California Industrial Rubber Co. For selection, there is no one like them, but it’s their engineering that truly sets them apart from anyone else who is in the business. After all, anyone can sell sheet rubber, but not just anyone can work with their clients as well to develop rubber as a comprehensive solution to so many problems and opportunities.

California Industrial Rubber Co, has been in the business of providing high-quality sheet rubber to their clients throughout California and Nevada and beyond since 1958. They have seven full service branch locations to serve all of their client needs wherever they might be.

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