Empowers Active Social Media Users to Create Engaging and Optimized Instagram and Facebook Captions

February 17 13:36 2021 Empowers Active Social Media Users to Create Engaging and Optimized Instagram and Facebook Captions
Featuring an intuitive editor, from J. Louis Technology is a surefire way to create viral, optimized Instagram and Facebook captions.

New York, USA Social media is a true revolution in every sense, and much of it revolves around pictures, videos, and captions. Unfortunately, captions are still a weak point for most people, and while their pictures may be shared thousands of times, the caption can be – for all intents and purposes – forgotten.

Captions are meant to deliver a message, personal or professional, and while most people get the job done, there is scope for improvement.

When writers are limited to 140 characters and less, it is easy to let the creative juices flow and make a mistake or two. Writing a captivating caption is hard enough, but adding a cutesy pun to it or using smart phrases of wisdom can prove to be a cumbersome affair. After all, who can remember so many smiley shortcuts for a caption?

While it might not seem rocket science, it is a well-known fact that content is king. And a good caption can add that spice to an already attractive picture, thus adding to the chances of a user sharing the post.

“At J. Louis Technology, we take pride in our ability to offer an intuitive solution to a problem that many of the people cannot even solve on their own. While captions might not seem like a big deal, they are a key area that directly impacts social share, presence, and reach. It is the WOW factor. Without it, the post is unlikely to go viral,” says Jim Sabellico, the founder of J. Louis Technology.

The is a Facebook and Instagram captions writing assistant that empowers interested individuals, marketers, and businesses with an easy-to-use caption editor with an integrated smiley picker to write engaging and personalized captions for their social media posts. Claiming to be a perfect solution to the most pressing information-overload challenge, allows users to better serve the ever-needy market by using an efficient and productive solution to add more value to their evergreen engaging posts and pictures.

“Our brains are overburdened with information and multimedia. How then can we capture the attention of engaged and distracted audiences? If the visual appeal is strong, an engaging caption can cause a potential customer to stop scrolling for a hot instant. The caption draws viewers in and makes them want to read the text and then take necessary action. takes the pressure off your brain and gives you the guarantee of good captions writing every time. It is a true blessing to your marketing strategy and freelancing career,” said a developer at

The is designed mainly for Instagram and Facebook. However, the same interface is so powerful that it can also be configured for other social media such as Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr, so on and so forth. It is not necessary for the users to be tech-savvy as even with a couple of simple steps, they will be able to make their Instagram and Facebook posts stand out. Further boasting a convenient character, social mention, and tags counter, saves time for the users and enhances the overall productivity and value of their posts.

About is a caption writing assistant that enables users to write engaging and customized captions for their social media posts. Designed for Instagram and Facebook, the same interface is also compatible with other social media such as Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr, and more.

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J. Louis Technology is a digital marketing agency specializing in providing creative solutions for small businesses. Jim Sabellico, the founder of J. Louis Technology is also a Co-Founder of Legiit, a freelance marketplace.

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