Money Matt Revolutionizing Hip Hop with Motivational Content

January 22 03:27 2021
Money Matt Revolutionizing Hip Hop with Motivational Content

In a time when many of today’s most famous hip hop artists rap about superficial things in life, Money Matt stands out. The rapper is best known for his motivational content, which has lead to a series of musical awards and a growing following that continues to expand by the day. 

Matt Mansour, or also known by his stage name Money Matt, hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. He always had an affinity to music even from an early age. After a severe eye injury put his life on halt, Money Matt went down a spiral of anger and depression. He sought out various outlets to express his frustrations. That was until one of his teachers and mentors in life told him, “you’re the director of your movie. Each choice you make is a new clip. You may not be able to go backward, but you control the next clip. Just move forward.” And that’s exactly what Matt chose to do. 

Today, Matt is a three-time award-winning artist with over 50 publications in his portfolio. The rapper from Ohio has performed over three hundred times in front of the most electric crowds in America and gathered over one million streams across all his music platforms. Some of Matt’s most popular songs include tracks like “Ain’ Goin’,” “The Longway,” “Double Up,” “I’m Gone,” “All Black,” “To On,” “Game Over,” “On My Account,” and many others. 

The rapper is on a mission to revolutionize the world of hip hop by introducing motivational hip hop. His inspirational music and upbeat sounds has grown a strong following all across the independent music scene and is starting to dominate on national charts. On top of his creative approach to music, Matt is also a serial entrepreneur who knows how to build a business from scratch and impact communities through his ventures.

Money Matt’s greatest commitment is to continue creating music that moves away from the common hip hop themes of drugs, sex, and violence. He chooses instead to create a positive brand of music that builds up instead of tearing down. “You don’t have to put on a facade or act like something you’re not for people to hear you, ”shares Money Matt. “You can influence people through the way you promote yourself and sell your brand,” Today, he’s shedding his light to the whole world, hoping that his influence would create change in the lives of his listeners.

With all that he has accomplished and completed, Matt still has his eyes on a bigger prize. In the next five years, he hopes to evolve into a multi-faceted business and music expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He hopes to impact the music industry as a whole and start reaching outside of his midwest influence. 

The Cincinnati artist hopes that his listeners and fans would start seeing the importance of hard work and dedication when pursuing their dreams. Matt values authenticity and transparency above all, always remaining honest about his struggles and continuing to fight his giants as they come. Today, he continues to do what he does best- inspiring and speaking life to people through his music.

To learn more about Money Matt, check out his website, Instagram profile, and Spotify account.

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