Half Live with Multiproduktion: changing the rules of broadcasting

January 22 02:51 2021
Multiproduktion is a production company that delivers professional productions and handles masterful films, advertising, 2D- and 3D-animations.

Stockholm, Sweden – With the pandemic’s relentless takeover of people’s lives in spring 2020, the world changed. Although most of these changes were destructive, they never led to any positive adjustments to anyone. However, one change that did become apparent was how fast people were advancing digitally. Suddenly, there was an increase in the use of webcams and a range of software that most people had never heard of before or bothered to open such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google HangOut, and many more.

Virtual meetings with all colleagues, customers, and partners in kitchens, living rooms, or guest rooms were made into a norm. The meeting industry went on its knees as the pandemic forced businesses to cancel all physical events. Companies and organizations were desperately looking for alternatives to implementing that Annual General Meeting, Kick-Off, or Jubilee.

The most obvious and feasible solution was highlighted to be live broadcasting. Studios were built around the world, and companies stockpiled broadcasting equipment. Event companies changed and became full-fledged TV teams ready to take on live broadcasts in the style of professional TV productions. Feeds on platforms like LinkedIn flooded with behind-the-scenes photos and invitations to one Live event after another. In a fleeting moment, one got access to events that they would probably never even consider participating in the “ordinary physical world.” Without transport and dress code requirements, one could now attend meetings and events directly from their kitchen table.

From Live to On-Demand to Live

After being slowly introduced to the fantastic On-Demand world in recent years, through services like Netflix and HBO, where one could easily decide what to stream for their entertainment. The impact of the pandemic soon overrode the charm of on-demand television because of the thirst for social interaction that people have been craving for.

As long as there is no urgent news value, i.e., a message that needs to come out right now, one could strongly question whether a live broadcast is needed. This might be true, but digital live broadcasts have a strength that justifies them, if appropriately used, namely “Interaction”. I.e., the possibility for the participants to interact with the people in front of the camera, e.g., by-polls or questions in a chat.

Why not live broadcast?

Live broadcasts are not for everyone. Even if a person is used to giving lectures and presentations at physical meetings, this does not automatically mean that they feel comfortable in front of a camera in a studio. The lack of an audience and eye contact during performance can create a feeling of insecurity, and it is a potential stress factor to know that they are being viewed by millions. Some perform better under pressure, but it is not a pleasant feeling for many, and classic stress symptoms such as heavy adhesion, sweating, temporary confusion, etc., can occur. A professional and successful live broadcast requires extensive planning with almost no room for errors.

The best of both worlds – “Half Live”

Multiproduktion has now made it possible to reach an audience at a specific time with some form of interactivity. This concept is called a Half Live session, which means that showrunners can pre-produce large parts of their content and only run the interactivity session as live. A significant upside is that it allows room for mistakes that can be touched up in postproduktion. Be it presentations, award shows, presentations. Through this method, showrunners have a pre-produced piece of content that can be run before, after, during, or even simultaneously with a Live interactive session which can very easily make the viewers part of the whole equation.

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