Pain Arthritis Relief Center Championing the Cause for Holistic Healthcare

January 16 02:09 2021
Pain Arthritis Relief Center Championing the Cause for Holistic Healthcare

Pain Arthritis Relief Center (PARC) is a health institution that operates on the Feel Better, Get Well principle. It was established by Dr. Brian Paris, a seasoned Doctor of Chiropractic medicine who has now transcended his practice into a more holistic one. Pain Arthritis Relief Center came to life from Dr. Paris, finding a higher purpose in his service as a healthcare expert. He is passionate about healthy living and has tailored his entire profession to establish a better connection with patients.

Pain Arthritis Relief Center is a healthcare facility that combines the best of Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, and Physical Medicine in treating its patients. The healthcare professionals at this facility all work toward connecting better with patients, delivering repeatable results, and running a more conscious business that delivers the best healthcare and wellbeing to patients.

The most common approach in healthcare practice is focusing on what needs to be fixed in a patient’s body. However, PARC focuses on handling immediate pain and then on other traditional well-being like mobility, stability, strength, and posture. Using the “feel better over get well” principle, PARC ensures that every patient does not only feel better when they visit the facility, but they also get all the tools and treatment to get well in the long term.

One distinct thing about Pain Arthritis Relief Center (PARC) is that all the holistic services that patients need to get well are available under one roof. Today’s healthcare system is not set up to have different healthcare experts available in the same place at the same time. Pain Arthritis Relief Center makes that happen in an integrated fashion. This is part of Dr. Brian Paris’ commitment to creating a convenient path for healing.

Patients can undergo chiropractic care, physical therapy, physical medical care, acupuncture, and regenerative medical care all in one place. Dr. Brian is particular about patient experience to ensure patient safety, clarity, and connection. On what motivated him to establish Pain Arthritis Relief Center, Dr. Brain Paris says, “Being a patient and father, I’ve seen, firsthand, the limitations of our healthcare system. There’s a tremendous dismissal of people as human beings. I use the concept, ‘Be Human First’ in all of my interactions because I used to see people as a spine or body instead of a human being that needs to feel safe and understood to heal. My brand and PARC serve as a catalyst for our healthcare system to transform.”

Dr. Brian’s goal is to continue to develop and bring about an evolution in holistic healthcare. His five-year goal for PARC is to establish a healthcare process that involves feeling better before tackling underlying conditions. He also hopes everyone will take holistic care seriously rather than a last-resort option.

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